What Is Work Order Software?

Hippo’s work order software helps to manage work orders to simplify and controls the work order process lowering costs and improving efficiencies and service.

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What Is Work Order Software?

Work order software is a feature of CMMS Software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) which simplifies the work order process, by helping create, assign and tracking maintenance work order across organisation, creating a traceable history lowering costs and improving efficiencies and service. Work order Software helps to effectively track and manage all the work orders. It enables users to send, receive and update work orders instantly and streamline daily maintenance activities.

It is important to fully optimize an organization's work order management . Keeping up with scheduled and on unplanned maintenance and repairs can be overwhelming for organizations using  paper or spreadsheets. Using these methods leads to slower response time, equipment downtime, uncompleted tasks, inefficient labor usage and more.

With the help of specialized user permission settings, automated alert notifications and reminders, and centralized work order tracking, an organization can become more transparent and accountable to project timelines and maintenance department goals.

According to Software Advice, "A work order is simply an order, either delivered to a company from customers and clients or created internally, to perform some type of action. These orders can be entered directly into the system itself, or be submitted through client-facing forms on a website or mobile device. In the maintenance management sense, these generally refer to orders to perform maintenance or repairs on assets, vehicles, tools, equipment or facilities."


Hippo CMMS - User Friendly Work Order Software
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Hippo’s simple and flexible web-based work order software provide users of all technical skill levels the ability to easily track, modify, and manage their maintenance workflow. The integrated camera feature also makes it possible for technicians to upload and attach images to their work orders. The mobile device and camera features give portability to all aspects of work order management. Work orders can be submitted using the standard form on our simple request portal conveniently located on your desktop. As with all Hippo software, work orders can be generated, reviewed and received using mobile devices. This eliminates the need to return to an office desktop to complete what is often time sensitive work while on location.

What our customers are saying...

The way Hippo CMMS allows us to streamline our maintenance requests and work orders has been huge in saving us time and manpower to complete our tasks. Our maintenance technicians receive prompt e-mail notifications when a work order has been submitted and that allows us to get a jump on things much quicker than we normally would.

Tylar Stauffer

“Hippo - The Problem Solver”

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Additional Work Order Software Features

  • Simple request portal to quickly submit maintenance issues to department
  • Ability to approve, reject and assign requests
  • Real-time e-mail notifications on request status updates and scheduling
  • Simple work order management system form with many field and drop down options; due date, assigned technician, vendor, priority, work category
  • Add important documents and files to work orders (manuals, contracts, images, URLs)
  • View work orders on facility site and floor plans
  • View and schedule work orders from Calendar dashboard
  • Work orders can be searched by set criteria, printed off individually or in batches
  • Manage all work orders and maintenance requests from smart phones or tablets with Hippo Mobile
  • Generate insightful reports on everything related to work orders and performance

Finding the right software can be overwhelming. Online directories such as Software Advice and Capterra helps thousands of managers to choose the right work order software for their business.

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