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Hippo offers a seamless work order management software platform from which to submit, assign resources, assets and documents, and track on demand maintenance requests. Submit work orders using the standard form or our simple request portal conveniently located on your desktop.

Work Order Management Software & How It Helps Your Business

Hippo’s simple and flexible web-based management tools provide users of all technical skill level to easily track, modify, and manage their maintenance workflow.  This feature-rich maintenance work order software module enables companies to move away from paper, telephone, and email methods to a fully integrated platform. All users, from those working as maintenance requesters and dispatchers to facility managers and technicians to outside contractors, are connected by Hippo’s intuitive work order process.

With the help of specialized user permission settings, automated alert notifications, and centralized work order tracking, your organization can become more transparent and accountable to project timelines and maintenance department goals. Hippo’s comprehensive facility management software ensures that all maintenance requests are responded to, that all planned maintenance is completed on time, and that all resources are optimally utilized.


Creating a Work Order 

Demand work order management is one part of an entire system, allowing organizations to respond quickly to unplanned breakdowns, on-the-fly equipment emergencies, and maintenance issues that facility staff may be experiencing. Starting from either a maintenance ticket submitted by a requester or from a maintenance worker who discovers a breakdown, work orders can quickly be created from scratch or converted from a request at the click of a mouse. From there, a dispatcher modifies the request, provides accurate detail through Hippo’s simple form fields, and assigns the work order to an internal technician or outside contractor by selecting a pre-determined contact from Hippo’s centralized database. With minimal effort and maximum transparency, work order assigning and follow-up is quick and simple.


Modifying a Work Order

With automated notification settings triggered by our CMMS system, resources and vendors receive emails in real-time that detail critical info. Technicians of any technical skill level enjoy Hippo’s simple yet comprehensive work order forms; allowing them to edit, read, track their labor hours and costs, and ultimately close out the work order.

In addition to opening and submitting labor orders from your computer, Hippo’s web-based system allows users to access their orders at any time and any where they have an internet connection. This benefit is further highlighted by the use of our Hippo mobile app, where technicians have the advantage of accessing their work orders in the field and on-the-go.


Closing Out a Work Order

A full feedback loop is then enacted as both the dispatcher and original work order requester are notified of status changes and project completion through instant email notifications and a requester “history” feature. Requesters can view all current and past requests including their submission date/time and applicable statuses.

Work order management systems are an essential tool for any CMMS, but Hippo’s intuitive interface and user-friendly system makes our work order software feature a simple yet powerful tool to master.

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Key Work Order Management Software Features:

  • Simple work order maintenance request portal to quickly submit maintenance issues to department

  • Real-time e-mail notifications on maintenance request status updates and scheduling

  • Simple work order management system form with custom fields; due date, resource, company, priority, work category. Forms can be set so certain fields and drop downs are mandatory, and give permission to select users to modify certain fields (assign due dates, resource, etc.)
  • Automatic push e-mail notifications when orders have been submitted, assigned, updated and closed

  • Various order status and priority settings

  • Easily view and sort work orders by status, type, priority, location, due date and assigned resource from the Standard Dashboard

  • View and manage orders from interactive floor plans from the Advanced Dashboard

  • Work orders can be searched by set criteria, printed off individually or in batches

  • Submit and modify WOs from the field with Hippo CMMS’s mobile app.

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Hippo Work Order Management Software Review

"I really like the work order system. It is an excellent system for tracking and running reports. We are still in the infancy stage, so we still have a lot of information to implement. I can not say enough good things about tech support. They are extremely knowledgable and very quick to respond. They are very patient when training and really want to see us succeed. I could not be happier about the support they have provided.".

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