Get started with Hippo CMMS right away!

Getting set up with Hippo maintenance software is simple. Our Standard Onboarding package gives our users all tools and know-how to get their CMMS up and running within days. This is the best onboarding solution for customers looking to dig into the appliation immediately and are eager to populate the data on their own. With the Standard Onboarding, customers have access to their database within 48 hrs. of subscribing, get initial set up and receive custom tailored training from our experts. If you are eager to get set up quickly and make use of the software, Standard Onboarding is the right choice.



Standard Onboarding Includes:

  • Database activation
  • Initial facility set up (facility and location names)
  • User set up with log in credentials (within 48 hrs.)
  • Unlimited access to Express Training Webinars
  • Up to 3 hrs. of web conference training within onboarding period (Tailored training on customer required CMMS software features)
  • Consultation on best practices for populating and managing data
  • Unlimited access to training video library and training documents
  • Estimated onboarding period of 30 days from sign off
  • Lifetime technical support


Standard Onboarding is best suited for:

  • Customers who are eager to get started right away
  • Customers who do not have access to an asset or equipment list to be imported
  • Customers who are not switching from one CMMS to another
  • Users who have past experience using a CMMS, preventive maintenance system or  similar software
  • Smaller operations with 1 facility, and / or 50 or less assets or equipment items
  • Customers looking to use the system for simple work order management
  • Customers who have a tight budget and are OK with spending some time getting set up 


The process is simple! 

  1. Sign off and subscribe to Hippo
  2. Recieve log in credentials and meeting invitation from Onboarding Specialist
  3. Meet with your Onboarding Specialist to setup facilities, locations, and example equipment
  4. Start inputting data into your database
  5. Schedule web training with one of our Training Specialists
  6. You're up and running within 30 days! 

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