Resource and Vendor Management Software

Whether you outsource or handle maintenance operations internally, Hippo's CMMS software can assign work orders and email requests to any resource or vendor in your system. Managers have the ability to run performance reports, track labor or invoice costs, and make informed HR decisions.


About Our Resource Management System

Resource management seamlessly integrates with every Hippo CMMS feature, such as work order management and reports. Easily assign resources to any scheduled or on-demand work order with the click of a mouse. Internal resources can add the amount of hours they have worked on each project directly through the work order form, which the system then uses to track and calculate total labor cost. Labor and invoice costs are tracked and reported on through maintenance history reports, allowing managers to see real-time or historical data on employee utilization rates, response times, work completed late, and labor and outsourcing costs. This makes decisions related to hiring, performance evaluations, high/low seasons, and assigning tasks easy.

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About Our Vendor Management Software Solutions

Hippo makes vendor management efficient. The database gives managers instant access to vendor contact information according to work category. Quickly assign work to vendors, notify them by email with the work order details, and even have them log in with limited access through the vendor portal. Reports can be generated on vendor costs, work order performance, and response time to make vendor management easier.