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Learn how to find the best CMMS, create a comprehensive needs assessment and discover the right mix of price, functionality and features.
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Explore your new database, seamlessly integrate your data into the new database and set a budget and timeframe for integration
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It is time for the rollout. Know the different forms of training, optimize and succeed.
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Are you getting the most of your CMMS? Understand post purchase system optimization, analyse data in-depth and discover patterns.
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Haas Cabinets - a 75 year old family custom cabinetry business - did not have a process in place to track repair or cost associations with each piece of equipment that was being maintained
Learn how Haas Cabinets succeeded with Hippo CMMS
Since 1987, Siloam Mission has been providing meals, clothing and shelter services across a number of buildings and apartments. Tracking, reporting and sharing work requests was lacking.
Learn how Siloam Mission succeeded with Hippo CMMS
Philhaven - USA's 14th largest behavioral healthcare organization - is spread across 12 locations, including a 103 bed hospital and 2 residential facilities. Paper-based work order process and excel spreadsheets proved very cumbersome for everyone involved in the maintenance effort.
Learn how Philhaven succeeded with Hippo CMMS