Get the most out of your maintenance management system with Hippo CMMS Onboarding.


Onboarding for Customer Success

At Hippo, we know that the first 6 months of implementation are the most critical for customer success. If you don’t have buy in from all users and adoption is low, the chance of the CMMS implementation being a success is not promising. We're not trying to scare you and there is really no need to worry.

The good news is Hippo invests heavily in our customer onboarding process and offers some awesome onboarding options that are geared toward "Customer Success". 

At Hippo, onboarding does not just mean generic training, rather we specifically tailor the onboarding process to include regular consultations, data integration, software configuration, and customer training that address the specific needs of our customers. Our customer requirements differ depending on industry, feature requirements and experience with CMMS software.

Hippo CMMS offers 3 onboarding packages depending on your maintenance software needs.

  1. Standard Onboarding

  2. Enhanced Onboarding

  3. Premium Onboarding


Standard Onboarding

Focused on training the customer in performing their own data entry and getting their hands into the software immediately, the Standard onboarding package is designed for customers who do not have data to be imported and are comfortable taking on the bulk of data entry.


Enhanced Onboarding

The Enhanced onboarding package provides complete data integration services, aligning with customers who are in the process of or have completed collecting all data to be tracked.


Premium Onboarding

The Premium onboarding package is a turn-key, complete CMMS implementation solution. It involves one of Hippo's auditing specialists coming on site taking a full inventory of all major equipment and assets. Our Data Integration Specialists do all the heavy lifting from start to finish.

This is the best solution for organizations who want all facility, equipment and preventive maintenance data and documents entered from the start but don't have the time or resources to collect and enter the data on their own.

Learn about Hippo CMMS software packages:

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The product is quite user friendly. I also appreciate the amount of detail we are able to enter in for equipment, locations, etc. The Wiki is very useful. My support rep, Mel Motoch is also VERY helpful, friendly and efficient (a triple threat!)


Heidi Leyland | Facilities Manager at Brannon Steel