Learn all you need to know about Hippo CMMS: Product FAQ


What does "unlimited users" entail?


Hippo CMMS software packages include unlimited users, which means you as a customer can add as many users as you need. Within the software, administrators can add unlimited and set specific permissions for all users. You can then set unique user permissions according to their role and responsibility within your organization. Unlimited users encompass work order submitters/requesters, maintenance technicians, outside vendors, and administrators. Offering our customers unlimited users makes Hippo CMMS one of the most affordable solutions in the market. 


Does Hippo CMMS work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?


Yes, of course!  Hippo has a very user-friendly mobile app with almost all the same features and functions as the desktop version. It even has a few other bells and whistles, like uploading photos, voice recognition, bar / QR code reading, and more. It has a responsive design so it runs and looks great on all mobile devices.


Which industries is the software application for?


Due to the impressive flexibility and scalability of Hippo, our software is perfect for a wide variety of industries. We cater to sectors such as manufacturing, facility management, hospitals, assisted living, hospitality, education, municipalities, nonprofit, arenas and stadiums, banks, retail, restaurants, religious institutions, and more.


How regularly are software updates released?


Hippo takes software development seriously. Customers can expect 3-4 software updates annually. New features and enhancements are based on feature requests that are in high demand by our customers and industry trends. We also do custom software development as part of our professional services. If there is a feature you want customized our development team can make it happen.


Does Hippo develop customized features?


Yes, our development team can custom develop specific features for your maintenance operation. If you need a specific feature, inquire with our sales team and they will come up with a plan and timeline for the customization.


How long does it take to get set up and go live?

The timing of setup and launch is dependent on the onboarding package that you choose. Hippo offers 3 onboarding packages; Standard Onboarding, Enhanced Onboarding and Premium Onboarding. Standard usually requires 30 days or less to get set up and trained. Enhanced typically requires 30 to 60 days. With the Premium option, our experts do all the heavy lifting and actually come to your facility and do all setup and data collection and integration from start to finish. 

Ultimately, onboarding is the top priority for us and we also know the importance of getting our customers set up and using the software quickly. 

What does your customer service policy entail?

Our Hippo-Sized Service Policy is simple. The policy guarantees 99.7% uptime, same day response to all customer requests, login credentials within 48 hours of sign-up, lifetime responsive technical support and the best service out there!

Do you offer additional support services?

Yes, Hippo offers additional support services. These services are designed to support customers beyond the scope of Hippo's onboarding packages. These services include maintenance history imports, onsite audits, onsite training, and custom report configuration. 

What technical support do you provide?

All Hippo licenses come with ongoing technical support. Hippo users can call, e-mail, or live chat our technical support specialists from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm CST. Users can expect a response within 1 business day – if not sooner.

We also offer a free monthly webinar series exploring new features and topics important to our users. These webinars run for 45 minutes followed by a Q&A. They allow new and novice users to get acquainted with the latest features, brush up on old skills and connect with our friendly training team.

Our helpful training videos are accessible through the Hippo Mobile App or Hippo software from your desktop. All users have access to the free training video library comprised of over 40 short video tutorials on all Hippo functions.

What training services do you provide?

Hippo training specialists will customize training to meet the needs of your organization. Hippo offers free unlimited training sessions via web conference in the first 30 or 90 days of sign-up (depending which onboarding package you choose). Training can also be delivered onsite to a group of your users for an additional fee.


Data and Storage

Can data from our current CMMS be migrated into Hippo?

Yes, our data integration team can import the data you have in your current CMMS into Hippo. Most CMMS allow users to extract data to Excel or CSV files which can then be reconfigured and uploaded into your Hippo database. This service is offered in addition to our onboarding packages at an additional cost. Speak with a Software Specialist for a quote and needs assessment.

Where is customer data stored and how is it secured?

Unless you are a Canadian customer, all data is stored at Rackspace data centers, an industry leader in data storage services. Data is backed up daily while 256-bit encryption ensures your data is secure. In the event of hardware failure, hardware replacement within one hour ensures that your data is always accessible and secure.

We now offer all Canadian customers the ability to have their data stored at Peer1 Hosting, a Canadian data center. We ensure that homegrown Canadian data stays at home. Ask an account representative for more information.

Hippo performs annual penetration tests through an independent 3rd party and fixes any detected vulnerabilities to ensure a safe and secure hosted environment.

What happens to my data if we decide to cancel?

If a customer decides to cancel their subscription, data can be extracted from Hippo into a CSV file or Excel document. Admin users can perform the extract or the Hippo support team can help out.


Industry Terms and Info

What is CMMS?

CMMS or computerized maintenance management software, is a type of automated system used to streamline maintenance processes and increase efficiency in your operations. In its most basic format it tracks on demand and scheduled work orders, building equipment, assets and inventory. It houses all information in order to generate various reports based on your facility operations, maintenance history and labour resources. This helps companies to identify problem areas and stay on track with routine maintenance of important assets. By being proactive with your maintenance management, you ensure that your operations run smoothly, save you time and cut overall costs. CMMS comes in many formats, has numerous features, is flexible for a variety of industries and starts at various price points. Shopping around for the right CMMS solution for your organization is an important step in implementing a solid system. Let us help you find what you’re looking for.

What is SaaS?

SaaS or software as a service is a common software delivery model where software is licensed on a subscription basis, is centrally hosted by the software company and is deployed via web browser. SaaS deployment is also referred to as on demand software, cloud computing or web based software. It allows users to access their system from any internet connection, anywhere, anytime.

What are the advantages of SaaS as opposed to on-premise/installed software?

SaaS is different from its more rigid counterpart- on premise software. On premise is a system that must be installed on your own company network and can only be accessed via that network. Installation requires high upfront costs, making these contracts long term, locked in and riskier. Software updates become more of a burden as your own IT department is responsible to provide frequent ongoing support. Many CMMS providers also require that you pay for these updates and new software versions as they are released. SaaS solutions are less risky, with minimal or no upfront costs and regular software updates deployed remotely through your internet connection. Web based software has also become much more secure in the last decade as more measures have been taken and better algorithms developed to ensure the safety and integrity of all customer data.  Read more on pros and cons of web-based software



What operating systems does Hippo run on?

Hippo runs on Windows and Mac operating systems. Hippo is also compatible with all popular browsers; Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

Do we need any additional hardware?

You do not need any additional hardware to use Hippo. All you need is a computer, smart phone, or tablet and an internet connection. It’s that simple.

Learn about Hippo CMMS software packages:

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We love the Advanced Dashboard option. It provides your maintenance team with an interactive screen of your plant's layouts. It's an effective visual tool that is cool to use and simplifies navigating through the system and monitoring the status of the equipment.


Larry Septick | Process Control Engineer at Acme Manufacturing Company