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Hippo Packages to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re purchasing computerized maintenance management software for a team of two or one hundred, Hippo’s pricing plans are made to fit maintenance operations of all sizes. Our flexible pricing is based the number of sites and buldings, not users. This affords companies the freedom to include as many users at all permission levels to have access to Hippo CMMS.


What is our pricing structure?

Hippo does NOT price its software like many other software vendors out there who operate under per user pricing. Instead, we price our solution based on the number of facilities in your operations and offer unlimited user pricing packages. We feel that our structure is more affordable for our customers and allows buy-in from your entire team. As you add more facilities, the price per facility will decrease.


What does “unlimited users” entail?

The Hip Pro and Hip Pro+ plans include unlimited user licenses. With these packages, you can add as many users as you require to be able to access the system. You can then set unique user permissions according to their role and responsibility within your organization. Unlimited users encompasses work order submitters / requesters, maintenance technicians, outside vendors, and system admins. Hippo unlimited user packages make us one of the most affordable CMMS solutions on the market. Whereas Hippo software license fees are dependent on the number of facilities and size of the operation, other competitors price their software on per user models.


Do I need to purchase setup services?

Yes. All new Hippo CMMS customers must purchase one of our flexible onboarding packages to get started on the right foot with your CMMS system. A maintenance management system that is optimized and configured properly with solid training is the best way to realize a positive ROI and streamlined maintenance department as quickly as possible. Our affordable and comprehensive onboarding packages ensure that all customers experience CMMS results quickly.


How much does Onboarding cost?

Hippo unlimited users license makes us one of the most affordable CMMS solutions on the market. Software license fees are dependent on the number of facilities and size of the operation. Unlimited user license fees start at $165/month. A Hippo onboarding package must also be purchased in addition to the license fee. Each package caters to a different degree of setup needs and training timelines. Pricing is dependent on the needs of each customer. Speak with a Software Specialist to determine your onboarding quote.


Are there any nasty hidden costs?

Hippo pricing is simple. Customers choose from the available licensing plans AND an onboarding package that suits their CMMS needs. Each licensing plan offers a different arrangement of features, dashboards and user licenses (either single user or unlimited user). Our flexible pricing structure allows customers the option to choose unlimited user plans, instead of paying large sums to add additional users to the system. Customers must also purchase an onboarding package to get them setup quickly. All onboarding packages include ongoing technical support throughout the duration of their license.


What ROI should I expect?

With the unlimited user plans, low start-up costs and on-going technical support, realizing a positive return on investment is not only easy but it can be done within the first 3 months of implementation. By choosing Hippo, savings can be found through numerous areas of your operations including reduced labor time, the efficiency gained through improved work processes, the extended longevity of equipment through better preventive maintenance and lower administration costs due to accurate reporting and access to rich data. Hippo benefits also include an improved work environment, increased transparency and improved organization of your maintenance management.


Is there a non-profit discount?

Yes! We offer non-profit businesses up to a 10% discount. Ask your Software Specialist about our non-profit rate.

Learn about Hippo CMMS software packages:

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We have been using Hippo for just over 2 years and have entered over 10,000 work orders. Overall it has been a great product for our maintenance team and a great value for us.


Daniel Redding | Facility Manager at Ridgecrest Conference Center and Summer Camps