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Scheduled maintenance is key to maximizing the longevity of your assets. Our preventive maintenance management software holds all asset information including ID tags, O&M manuals and warranty info for powerful asset upkeep with flexible scheduling options.




Preventive maintenance is one of the most important features that any CMMS can provide an organization. From businesses with critical assets to large scale operations to any facility looking to reduce equipment downtime, scheduling maintenance inspections or cleanings are more cost efficient than responding to breakdowns. If you’re looking to make your facility as lean and agile as possible, it’s crucial to implement a preventive maintenance program.

Hippo CMMS comes equipped with a solid preventive maintenance software module to ensure the upkeep of your assets and establish a regular preventative maintenance procedure. To maintain Hippo’s commitment to a user-friendly software experience, we’ve mimicked the simple look and feel of our demand work orders in our scheduled work order template. With simple forms fields, an easy to follow task checklist and triggers based on any schedule you choose, planned maintenance has never been easier!  Our CMMS software allows users to create preventative maintenance work orders based on a calendar schedule or on meter based readings. This flexible maintenance software system is applicable for all types of equipment and facilities across a variety of industries.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Work Order

Creating a scheduled work order in Hippo is a simple process and there is no limit to how often you can modify an existing PM using our easy edit tools. Comprehensive settings such as the frequency at which a PM will trigger, a detailed task checklist, the ability to add a deadline to scheduled projects, and attaching all information such as contacts, documents and images, allow our preventive maintenance work orders to capture a vast array of work order information. All details are then automatically channelled to the right people at the right time.

Modifying a Preventive Maintenance Work Order

After a PM is set, the worker assigned can view their upcoming planned maintenance from their personalized Calendar Dashboard, helping them to prioritize projects and plan ahead for important inspections that may span days or even weeks. The process to open, modify and close out a PM when triggered is similar to that of a demand work order, so technicians don’t have to waste time learning a new template.

From determining the best time to schedule maintenance activities to ensuring the long term up keep of your critical assets, Hippo’s comprehensive preventive maintenance program has the tools your organization needs to increase its facilities management efficiency.

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  • Preventive maintenance work orders scheduled on calendar frequency (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or annually)

  • Preventative maintenance work orders trigger according to meter readings (run-time hours, mileage, PSI, and more)

  • Enable floating options so work order schedule adjusts according to the most recent completion date

  • Set advance notification reminders for upcoming maintenance

  • Set timeframes for when work should be completed, and e-mail notifications set for past due preventive maintenance

  • Auto-assign work orders to in-house technicians or outside vendors

  • Associate multiple predictive maintenance schedules for individual equipment

  • Set a clear task checklist, standardized procedures, job hazard lists, and lock out procedures on work orders

  • View associated parts and current inventory levels

  • Easy access to equipment information (location, images, O&M manuals, warranty info, and much more.)

  • Easily view, manage, and schedule preventative maintenance from the Hippo Calendar Dashboard

  • Create work order templates that can be shared across facilities

  • View and manage maintenance work orders through Hippo CMMS’s mobile app

Calendar based scheduling of preventative maintenance software

    Daily, weekly, monthly; generate scheduled work orders at any calendar-       based frequency.

Meter-based scheduling of preventive maintenance software

    Generate a scheduled work order from a meter-based reading for accurate     equipment monitoring.

Hippo CMMS offers competitive pricing based on unlimited user licenses. See how affordable preventive maintenance can be for your business.

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