Simple Preventive Maintenance Software

Reactive Maintenance is hurting your business, putting you at risk for higher maintenance cost & equipment downtime.
Switch to Preventive Maintenance to cut downtime and increase profits


What is Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventive maintenance software, streamlines every aspect of preventive maintenance programs, including development, scheduling, and tracking. By helping maintenance departments find small issues before they grow into large problems, the software cuts costly downtime, increases profits.

Why should you use preventive maintenance software? Because without it, you're only ever reacting to problems, never getting out ahead of them. Without a structured PM program, you're stuck relying on run-to-failure and on-demand work orders. Scheduling resources and controlling inventory are challenging when you can never plan beyond the next surprise breakdown. As critical facility and production equipment gets overlooked, downtime and repair costs rise.

Preventive maintenance software,  a core module of CMMS, helps you develop, schedule, and track a PM program that cuts downtime and boosts asset and equipment life cycles. Data-packed preventive maintenance work orders include everything technicians needs to close out efficiently, including customizable step-by-step instructions, associated parts and materials, digital copies of O&M manuals, and digital images and schematics.

Just how much is on-demand, corrective maintenance hurting your business?
Preventive Maintenance Software - Unexpected Repairs

Unexpected Repairs

Preventive Maintenance Software - Overtime Labor Costs

Overtime Labor Costs

Preventive Maintenance Software - Reduced Equipment  Life Expectancy

Reduced Equipment
Life Expectancy

Preventive Maintenance Software - Production Errors

Production Errors

Preventive Maintenance Software - Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Preventive Maintenance Software - Equipment Downtime

Equipment Downtime

Preventive Maintenance Software

and the list goes on...

If your organization currently deals with maintenance issues by reactive maintenance or on-demand maintenance, chances are that you are at risk of high maintenance costs & increased  downtime. It’s time to switch to a more reliable maintenance strategy.

Hippo's Preventive Maintenance (PM) software enables organizations to generate and track work orders, set up PM schedules and keep a track of them, making it easy to prevent equipment downtime & increase asset lifespan. Thus not only helping you to get rid of unexpected repair but also helping you boost profits and overall efficiency in your workplace.

If you’re looking to make your facilities management and maintenance operation as efficient, lean and agile as possible, it’s essential that you implement a preventive maintenance program

"In a survey of over 500 facilities and maintenance professionals; 94% ranked preventive maintenance as most important."

User Friendly Preventive Maintenance Software 

Preventive maintenance software is one of the most important features that any CMMS software can offer an organization. Without a scheduled preventive maintenance program, routine equipment checks go overlooked for critical facility and production equipment. This results in downtime, high repair costs, unexpected labor demands, dissatisfied customers, emergencies and accidents. Can your organization afford these costs? Why put your company at risk when you don’t have to?

Hippo CMMS comes equipped with a powerful, but simple preventive maintenance software solution that ensures the upkeep of company assets by establishing a routine preventive maintenance schedule. Hippo’s preventative maintenance program is flexible and easy to use. Maintenance schedules can be set based on calendar or trigger by meter reading. Clearly defined step-by-step checklists can be customized for each task and all the necessary reference documents like manuals, images, contracts can be made accessible from work order forms. 

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Armtec - Preventive Maintenance Software

Armtec is a leading global manufacturer of infrastructure and construction materials. The company used manual methods to do the bulk of their maintenance management. They chose Hippo CMMS due to its essential features, user-friendly interface and affordable price.

Learn how Armtec infrastructure succeeded

An integrated CMMS platform with all the necessary features

Work order management

Preventive maintenance management

Interactive facility site and floor plans

Inventory and spare parts management

Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Internal labor and vendor management

Powerful reporting tools

Equipment and asset management

Mobile maintenance solutions


Creating a preventive maintenance plan in Hippo CMMS is easy

Creating a schedule in Hippo work order software is a simple process and modifying and editing preventive maintenance schedule is easy.
Preventive maintenance tasks can be performed in as few as 3 clicks. Need more details on work orders? No problem!

Once you know when you need your PMs, setting them up in the software is a snap.

And there's lots of room for information that helps technicians close out PMs efficiently, boosting your overall time on wrench.

Preventive Maintenance Software - work orders scheduled calendar

Preventative maintenance work orders scheduled according to calendar (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually) with advance notifications sent by e-mail.

Preventive Maintenance Software - edit work order schedule

Preventative maintenance work orders set to trigger according to specified meter reading (i.e., run time hours, pounds per sq. inch, mileage, etc.) with advance notifications and reminders sent by e-mail.

Updating preventive maintenance work order is simple

When preventive maintenance tasks are set the assigned technician or vendor can view an upcoming planned maintenance tasks from his or her personalized CMMS
calendar dashboard or mobile device. Email notifications alert technicians ensuring nothing gets missed and everyone is prepared.

Preventive Maintenance Software task list

Simple work order forms with clear task lists ensuring preventive
maintenance is being performed on time and as it should.

Updating and closing preventive maintenance tasks is simple; open work order, enter any required details and mark it completed; intuitive and easy to learn. Adjust preventive maintenance procedure and schedules as needed ensuring long term upkeep of critical equipment and assets.

Use Hippo's CMMS to associate multiple predictive maintenance schedules for individual pieces of equipment, create work order templates that can be shared across facilities, set a clear task checklist, standardized procedures, job hazard lists, and lock out procedures on work orders as needed. Easily view, manage and schedule preventative maintenance directly from the Hippo Calendar Dashboard. Enjoy easy access to equipment information such as location, images, O&M manuals, warranty info, model, serial numbers and much more.

Finding the right software can be overwhelming. Online directories such as Software Advice and Capterra helps thousands of maintenance managers to choose the right preventive maintenance software for their business.

What are the benefits of preventive maintenance?

You see improvements in your processes, including higher productivity at lower cost. A CMMS-backed preventive maintenance program delivers a host of benefits, both tangible and intangible, including:

  • Increased up-time, decreased unscheduled downtime
  • Increased compliance to both internal and external standards
  • Decreased risk to assets, equipment, and technicians
  • Decreased reliance on error-prone paper-based systems
  • Improved efficiency across all maintenance workflows
  • Higher morale and overall job satisfaction

Preventive maintenance software solves a lot of problems, including Inconsistent communication, Failed PM plans, Piled-up work orders, Unplanned, costly repairs, Increased downtime, Lowered productivity

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