Leave the heavy lifting to our experts!

Get your maintenance management system up and running 85% faster with Hippo Premium Onboarding. Our site audit specialists come to your facility(s) and inventory all major assets and equipment, so you don’t have to.

Leave setup to the professionals and get back to business with our full service on site auditing. Full service setup consists of our Hippo experts visiting your facility(s) and taking stock of all assets, machinery, and mechanical equipment you are looking to track. Our experts will collect all asset information including ID tag images, documents, site and floor plans, manuals, photos, and more. Once the data collection is complete, our data integration specialists will take over to build your new database, input all asset information, schedule preventive maintenance, and supply the customer with login credentials. It's a one stop account-setup-shop!


  • Hippo auditing specialist comes to customer’s facility (s)
  • Full inventory of all major equipment, assets, machinery, etc.
  • Includes MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, production machinery and other major equipment)
  • Collect images for equipment and assets, and ID tags
  • Collect O & M manuals and other relevant documents for equipment and assets
  • Set up Preventive Maintenance Program (industry standard or provided by customer)
  • Upload facility floor plans and site maps
  • 4 hrs. web conference training following completion of data integration
  • Estimated onboarding period 90 days from sign off
  • Tag equipment with bar codes (if customer requests)

Customers who opt for the Premium Onboarding package see results:

  • 95% more completed work orders
  • 31% more preventive and scheduled work orders
  • 31% more likely to record labor hrs. and costs
  • 107% more equipment and assets being tracked    



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