Leave the heavy lifting to us

Setting up a preventive maintenance program is the main driver for organizations looking to implement a computerized maintenance management system.

One of the biggest challenges maintenance and facilities managers face when setting up their CMMS is collecting all the equipment data.

Their equipment lists are incomplete, come from different sources, are documented inconsistently, or don't exist at all.



Maintenance staff are already stretched for time and there simply aren't enough resources to set aside time to properly gather all the equipment data to populate the maintenance software database.

Hippo CMMS has the solution; have one of our Onboarding Specialists come to your facility and take a complete inventory of major equipment and assets.


Our Onboarding Specialists:

  • Inventory all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, kitchen, medical, and production machinery
  • Take photographs of all equipment, assets, and ID tags
  • Collect and convert all O&M manuals and relevant equipment documentation to PDF
  • Upload all equipment and asset details to the CMMS
  • Upload site and floor plans for the facilities
  • Create a preventive maintenance program using Preventive maintenance software in line with industry standards with task lists


Hippo's Premium Onboarding Package ensures that your equipment information and preventive maintenance program is  complete.


Facility audits deliver:

  • 31% more PMs and scheduled maintenance work orders documented
  • 95% more work orders completed 
  • 107% more assets and equipment tracked in their CMMS


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