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What is Inventory Management Software?
An efficient Inventory management process involves having one single network for tracking parts, supplies, and other consumables in real time with unmatched accuracy, detail and traceability. Today’s CMMS include inventory management software features and functionality to streamline this process with better quantity tracking, loss reduction, shorter order times with suppliers, reduced costs and overall optimization of facilities management performance.
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Why Use Inventory Management software?

Inventory is one of the most important assets of any business and it represents an investment that is tied up until the item is sold to the consumer or used in the production.

Mismanaged inventories can lead to :

  • Missing inventory due to loss or theft
  • Incorrect ordering resulting in waste and higher costs
  • Difficulty to tracking spare parts and other consumables and also non-consumables
  • Decreased warehouse organisation
  • Frequent delays in shipping and delivery
  • Increased costs and less profits
Benefits of Inventory Management Software
Preventive maintenance
Improved efficiency:
Inventory management software tracks data over time which can be put to use in a variety of ways making the facility and maintenance operation more efficient.
Preventive maintenance
Easy location transfers:
CMMS systems use real-time inventory tracking to record all inventory items (parts and other materials) empowering users to always know where items are and where they should be.
Preventive maintenance
Reduced equipment downtime:
CMMS systems track key information onspare parts used to maintain and repair equipment and alerts maintenance managers when stock levels are low.
Preventive maintenance
Managed inventory levels:
Inventory managers can refer to CMMS data to ensure the inventory levels are where they need to be and materials are always readily available.
Preventive maintenance
Low inventory alerts:
CMMS provides low inventory alerts ensuring that critical parts and inventory items are always available and businesses have fewer costly interruptions.
Preventive maintenance
Decreased costs:
Inventory managers can use Inventory management software reducing and even eliminating expensive rush orders.
Hippo CMMS’s Inventory Management Software

Hippo’s inventory management software allows maintenance managers and technicians to easily manage their inventory and supplies.
It provides real time information on inventory levels, alerts when parts are low and order details containing suppliers and costs.

Key Features:
Preventive maintenance
Store information on part number, supplier, images, minimum and maximum thresholds, associated equipment, storage location and more
Preventive maintenance
Associate parts with their respective equipment
Preventive maintenance
Monitor inventory levels by applying quantity thresholds
Preventive maintenance
Get real time info on what's in stock and what's not
Preventive maintenance
View parts on work orders of that equipment type
Preventive maintenance
Generate inventory reports to alert you of low inventory levels
Inventory Management Software Inventory Management Software


Inventory Management Software - KPIs to Track

When you're tracking inventory, you get:

  • all the parts information in one easy-to-access place

  • a better purchasing plan with visibility on what has been ordered and who it was ordered from

  • better control of inventory expenses

  • less downtime caused by lack of parts

  • zero confusion on if you have a part or not and where it is

You can check your system's efficiency by looking at different KPIs, including:

  • amount spent on rush deliveries for parts

  • number of times a part is out of stock

  • typically how long a part stays in stock

Good inventory management means never having to rush deliver parts. Once you hit your minimum levels, lead times are short enough to get new inventory in before it's needed. This also means you never hit zero on any part. You're never out of stock. For the last KPI, you want parts to be in stock but not for a long time. It costs money to carry stock, and if you're timing your orders correctly, parts arrive just a bit of time before they are needed. You're pushing the carrying costs back onto the suppliers.

Implementing a new system can be daunting, because it's often hard to know even where to start from. But when a maintenance department wants to take control of its inventory, the first steps are clear. To be successful at inventory management, you must maintain up-to-date records of the parts that the maintenance department has in inventory and then make those records accessible to managers and technicians in real time and from anywhere. A CMMS gives you these capabilities, and over time, all the benefits that can be leveraged from them.

Try Hippo CMMS Out!
Simple CMMS Software with All the Necessary Features
An effective CMMS software consists of a variety of features. Common features include:
  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Inventory and spare parts management
  • Interactive dashboards, maps, and site plans
  • Reporting tools and KPIs
  • Equipment maintenance tracking
  • Maintenance technician and vendor management
  • Accessible from smart phones and tablets

Companies that deal with large amounts of physical products need a reliable and efficient inventory management tool. But since there are hundreds of such tools in the market, it can be a hard task to select the right one for your needs. Luckily, online search directories such as Capterra, Software Advice helps their user to simplify their software search by connecting them with the right solution.

inventory management software

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