Inventory Management Systems by Hippo CMMS

Associate parts with their respective equipment, view parts on work orders of that equipment type and monitor inventory levels by applying quantity thresholds. Generate inventory reports to alert you of low inventory levels, giving you the insight you need to contact your supplier and increase your stock.


About our Inventory Management Software

Hippo’s CMMS software allows maintenance managers and technicians to easily manage their inventory and supplies. The online inventory management system module stores information on part number, supplier, images, minimum and maximum thresholds, associated equipment, storage location and more.


Hippo CMMS provides real time information on inventory levels, alerts when parts are low and order details containing suppliers and costs.



Key Module Features:
  • Set minimum and maximum thresholds to optimize ordering and restocking of inventory
  • Simple search tools to get real time info on what's in stock and what's not - search by part number, part type, work category, associated equipment, supplier, and location
  • Email notifications when parts are low and reordering is required
  • Link parts to equipment, machines and other assets
  • View and use parts straight from simple work orders and preventive maintenance tasks
  • Transfer parts from site to site





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