Building Maintenance Software Solutions for Non-Profits

Hippo provides a cost-effective, comprehensive maintenance management system that’s perfect for non-profit organizations. Our user-friendly interface is easy enough for staff or community members of all skill levels to operate and our affordable, unlimited-user pricing plans allow you to bring efficiency to as many staff or community members as you’d like. We also offer a non-profit discount to further support your organization in its mission.

To show how Hippo CMMS' facility management system and building maintenance software caters to you, we’ve highlighted below the most important CMMS features that suit your building maintenance management needs.


Hippo’s work order management features allow users to generate maintenance requests and save time by attaching any necessary vendor, resource, and asset information. Our Hippo Reports provide real-time, detailed tracking and data analysis on all work order-related information, such as preventive and scheduled maintenance. Having all this information in one place makes it easy for facility managers to drill down into maintenance activities and fix areas in need of improvement.


Our Hippo Standard Dash is simple, powerful, and quick, making it the ideal dashboard for non-profit facility management. This dashboard offers a list format that allows for easy navigation and will get your organization up and running quickly. Our Hippo Calendar Dash allows you to monitor workflows and tasks by date, providing insight into upcoming events and keeping you prepared for future maintenance.