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Hippo CMMS government facilities management- Port of Newport


The Port of Newport

"In the jungle of CMMS options, the Port of Newport is very pleased to have Hippo on our team."

-Rick Fuller, Head of Operations


The Port of Newport, a major business and economic center, is located on the central Oregon coast in the City of Newport. Acting as a hub for economic development and recreational services, the port supports four distinct sectors; commercial and recreational fishing, fishing processing, tourism activities, and a large-scale RV park with amenities. The Port of Newport coordinates all port construction projects and maintains the area’s infrastructure. It also works to support programs that affect local businesses and community members in the area. As the newly found headquarters and port for the Pacific Fleet of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the port realized that in order to meet new demands placed on their infrastructure they needed to become proactive in their maintenance management systems.


Recent infrastructure changes, including large-scale expansion projects, renovations and the newly found NOAA fleet provided plenty of reason for the organization to streamline their maintenance activities. Rick Fuller, Head of Operations at the port, spoke about the need of a preventive maintenance module to properly upkeep these projects. He explains, “It was decided that the new NOAA MOC-P project and the recently renovated International Terminal would be proactively maintained with a CMMS approach in order to keep the facilities in top working order right from the beginning with a regularly scheduled PM practice.”

The port had already purchased a web-based CMMS, which proved to be ineffective, slow and un-intuitive. Even simple on demand work order management required many tedious steps to open and close out single work orders. The port also found that financial reporting was difficult to generate because of the system’s inaccurate tracking abilities. They wanted to be able to report on capital asset costs to generate accurate financial projections. Recognizing these challenges, the port set out to find a new CMMS responsive enough to meet the needs of this unique operation.

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The Port of Newport’s selection process was comprehensive and thorough. “We selected Hippo after our internal review of over thirty companies which we narrowed down to three.” Rick explained. They had pre-determined some key requirements that any solution worth considering must meet. “Intuitive user interface, ease of use, self-guided training options, expandability, speed and cost all played a part in the analysis while looking for a CMMS solution.” Hippo made sure that the port was comfortable navigating its intuitive interface by having them use a test facility database. The port underwent many lengthy conversations with Hippo’s helpful sales team to guarantee that the organization’s needs matched that of Hippo’s features and software abilities. Hippo’s ease of use and friendly sales approach gave them an edge over the other two finalists. Seeing a true fit in Hippo, the port decided to implement the software as their new solution.

Implementation of the software was smooth and efficient with very little downtime. Hippo transferred all maintenance data from their current system into the new account in one seamless migration. Training was also easy to follow and comprehensive enough for users of all technical skill level to learn. “Training sessions were organized and well-paced for both new users and seasoned vets.” One of the biggest reasons for choosing Hippo was the responsive support team, as Rick stated, “Fast, courteous and never a failed response when leaving a message or email.”


“What’s best about Hippo's government facilities management software is that it follows our philosophy that getting work done is the focus of CMMS, not struggling with software. The work orders are created, implemented and closed with very little time at the computer or handheld which gives us the information required for reporting and asset maintenance analysis.” Hippo has proven to be a welcome addition to the port’s maintenance team. With 50% of their locations having already implemented the software, another building is on its way to be fully up and running in the system. Ensuring preventive upkeep of NOAA was top priority at the port, an activity made possible by the scheduled task list feature.

Hippo CMMS allowed them to maintain their slim operations using accurate reporting tools, while the Hippo Calendar Dash provides a perfect platform for logical workflow. Creating and closing out work orders, a task that had many confusing steps in their old CMMS, is now quick and easy by filling out a simple form and submitting with the click of a mouse. Overall, Hippo has proved to fit nicely in the port’s daily maintenance activities. Rick exclaims, “With Hippo, we are able to get the work done that we need to get done and report on the things that we need to report.”

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You will find no better software that is more user friendly, or adaptable to your needs. I highly recommend anyone interested in getting control of their repair and maintenance of their facilities to use this program, you will be as pleased as we are. Thank-you Hippo.

Stephen, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

One great advantage of Hippo is that we are able to use it at a basic level, effective for the inexperienced users while the system has allowed us to grow easily, with each step forward being effective.

Jim, Pikes Peak Library District

Hippo staff has been excellent all the way through the process, from our initial meetings, to customer support as we learn to navigate different parts of the program.

Todd, Mashantucket Pequot Tribe

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