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Facility Management

The Lakes Country Club

"It is a must have work order system for any country club that deals with association work orders and preventative maintenance, and it is customizable to your specific needs."

-Brenda Lugo, Administrative Assistant


The Lakes Country Club (The Lakes) is a premier residential association known for its beautiful spaces and lush grounds. Its residents both live and play at the club, sharing in the ownership of the complex’s numerous facilities and other amenities. This impressive complex includes 902 condominiums, 44 pools and spas, 6.2 linear miles of asphalt roads, 23 bodies of water, 15 professional style tennis courts, a large fitness center, a 27 hole golf course and a 50,000 sq/ft club house. In order to maintain these pristine facilities and respond quickly to resident needs, The Lakes requires a comprehensive maintenance system to centralize and track all of their maintenance activities over this expansive property.


Prior to implementing a CMMS, The Lakes found that they were unable to track maintenance activities or report on key functions of their operations. Tracking work order history, to better determine repair costs and find problem locations, was an impossible task for the club. The Lakes also required that each individual unit be tracked instead of the resident so that they could better understand building activities rather than membership information. Their lack of tracking also extended to all preventive maintenance including their grounds and public facility work.

The Lakes had been using an electronic system in the past, but found that it was not robust enough to respond to basic needs. Brenda Lugo, Administrative Assistant for The Lakes, explained their CMMS process, “We had been using a different software which was not designed to be used in an association. It was highly ineffective and a waste of money. It was impossible to track any past or current work orders.” The organization also utilized basic excel spreadsheets for all private condo maintenance activities, this proved to once again be inefficient and lacked basic functions required by the association.


With multiple tracking and reporting challenges recognized by the organization, it became imperative for any CMMS chosen to respond to these basic needs with a focus on user-friendly applications. Selecting Hippo as one of their CMMS alternatives, The Lakes quickly found that the system performed basic functions like a pro. “We were impressed with the features that Hippo offered that no other company out there had or still has.” Brenda stated.

Hippo was not only able to meet the association’s basic criteria of tracking and reporting work orders but it also provided additional benefits that The Lakes found helpful when interacting with the system.The Hippo Advanced Dash was one such benefit, allowing The Lakes to import their own drawings displaying relevant floor plans and all associated equipment in that particular location. “We liked having our floor maps added to the site and the customization specifically for our club.” Brenda explained. Hippo’s data integration team created custom branded enterprise screens for The Lakes, a detail that the association really enjoyed, “It was the deciding factor for us, we love this feature!”

Implementation itself was time consuming for the organization as they charged themselves with collecting equipment, location and facility data lists across the 902 condo units, grounds and public facilities. “It was a slow process, we just had too much equipment and locations that needed to be added. We were expecting it to take a while.” Brenda explained. Although this process was lengthy, the Hippo team met their expectations by providing guidance and training throughout this time. The training of their maintenance techs and work requesters on simple functionality went over well and proved easy for their team to master. The Lakes has also been pleased with Hippo’s ongoing client support and the attention that training staff is able to provide them. “The client support was and is fantastic, hats off to them.” Brenda exclaimed.


Implementing Hippo's facility management software has made a significant difference in the way the association submits work orders and tracks maintenance activities. By utilizing both basic and advanced features, The Lakes has streamlined their processes and found increased efficiency in their daily tasks. “We are now able to track every work order and PM that has been issued and keep the history for each unit.” Brenda explained. Hippo’s user-friendly graphical interface has helped the association to visualize and maintain their work order management directly from their own floor plans. Association staff were able to overcome this technology learning curve quickly, allowing plenty of buy in from the entire team. “Our staff took to it very easy. We use mobile devices for the staff to view and complete work orders and PM’s.” Brenda explained. Overall, The Lakes Country Club has been very happy with their CMMS, recommending that all association country club’s use Hippo as their software solution.

Facility Management CMMS Software Reviews

Hippo is probably the best Facility Management software I have come across in 30 years of building management at all levels. For us it allows the flexibility of controlling what each user can and cannot do in the system.

Jim, Bethannia Group

The support team setup has been very good; and we like the way it is shaping up for us. We especially like the graphic Zoom View environment for placing and viewing work orders in.

Alec, OPUS

The end result is a clean and put-together version of maintenance ticketing. No frills, nothing you don't need, but everything you do.

Amanda, Fidelity National Financial

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