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Hippo CMMS combines user-friendly web based facility management software with top-notch customer support to deliver a comprehensive building management solution that's perfect for facilities in all industry categories and in all sizes. We feature capabilities such as work order management, predictive and preventive maintenance, asset and equipment management, and resource and vendor management. Our facilities management software allows you to accurately monitor building maintenance and ensure greater uptime of critical equipment and systems while onsite or in the field when using our mobile device app. Hippo software include secure cloud based interfaces, mobile device accessibility and paperless functionality that further increases ease of use. Regular use of our automated maintenance management software offers extended equipment lifespans, improved organization, better time management and labor utilization and ultimately, reduced costs and increased profits. Whether you maintain a single building or a multi-level complex, Hippo can bring value to all your maintenance operations in real time.


Hippo CMMS has delivered intuitive software to facilities across a wide range of industries. Our customers use Hippo Facity Management Software to easily manage their sports complexes, recreation centers, shopping malls, museums, airports, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, churches, manufacturing operations and more. We are proud to include Prada, MTS, Cablevision, North York Hospital, Mountain Equipment Coop and The Bay Centre as examples of the many organizations who are part of the growing Hippo client list. Our easy-to-use interface is a popular feature and gives us a primary advantage over other complicated software systems. Users of all technical skills and in any job role can quickly learn Hippo and feel comfortable enough with it to adopt our simple maintenance management scheduling software tool into their everyday workflow. Just point and click (or alternatively, scroll and tap when using mobile devices) and you’re on the way to mastering using the Hippo maintenance management system.

In addition to our user-friendly building maintenance management software, our simple pricing structure ensures that all users, requesters, managers, and maintenance staff can access Hippo CMMS with a price point that meets their company needs and budget. Our unlimited user pricing plans which is ideal for large organizations is available in our HipPro and HipPro+ licensing packages, make Hippo an affordable maintenance solution for your entire organization.

To show how Hippo CMMS' facility management and building maintenance software caters to you and your company, we’ve highlighted the most important CMMS features below that suit your building maintenance management needs.

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Feature Benefits

The Hippo Mobile App gives your maintenance techs the ability to open, close, and sort maintenance requests by resource (i.e., the individual responsible for the task) from any web-enabled mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. Using the mobile app, technicians are no longer restricted to office desktop computers to fulfill routine maintenance management tasks as they can easily access the Hippo system on the go, whenever and where ever they may be. The ability to react and respond promptly to any unanticipated equipment failure where ever it may occur is one of the greatest benefits of Hippo’s versatile design. Technicians can store, track, and report on all equipment and asset information using our asset and equipment management features and use Hippo Reports to gain valuable insights on facility activity on site or while in the field.


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Dashboard Benefits

Our Hippo Advanced Dashboard is best-suited for facilities with numerous assets, equipment, floors and locations. Because our maintenance management software has the capacity to store and interact with thousands of data points representing an organization’s assets and equipment, it can easily accommodate facilities with 100+ sites. This sophisticated dashboard has the ability to zero in on an individual site and provide a graphical view and displays your facility's floor plans with interactive icons showing where rooms, hallways and equipment are located. This enables you to visually organize and manage your assets, plot interactive icons, identify problem areas, and generate work orders directly from site drawings. Beyond these benefits, the advanced dash is extremely useful when companies wish to analyze their organizational goals and structure by comparing site operations as a way to plan for the future.


Facilities Management & Building Maintenance Software Review

"After much research, I stumbled onto Hippo CMMS and decided it had all the features we needed at our organization at the right cost to meet our budget. Moving forward a year later, this software is now a crucial key to our success. The database is well organized and easy to configure to your establishment's needs and Hippo has a friendly customer support team that is extremely helpful when you run into any questions or concerns with a rapid response time. They are also releasing updates frequently increasing the functionality of software with each release. Our facility maintenance team have increased their efficiency and management staff are pleased that their requests no longer feel forgotten about or unimportant. I am looking forward to this next year and future years with Hippo and highly recommend this product to any business that is seeking a way to become more organized, efficient, and insightful."
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Date published: 15/01/2017facilities management software review 5 stars
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