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Hippo CMMS combines user-friendly facility management software features with top-notch customer support. Its intuitive software modules such as work order management, predictive and preventive maintenance, asset and equipment management, and resource and vendor management provide a comprehensive CMMS solution and is perfect for facilities belonging to all industries and sizes. Our building and facilities maintenance software allows you to accurately monitor building maintenance and ensure uptime of critical equipment and systems in your facility. Whether it be a single building of a multi level complex, Hippo can be applied to all of your maintenance operations.

From arenas to sports complexes, recreation centers to shopping malls, airports to museums, Hippo CMMS has been implemented in countless facilities to deliver intuitive maintenance software. Customers find Hippo's ease of use and simple interface a primary advantage over other complicated software systems. Users of all technical skill level and of various job roles are able to quickly master software features and are able to adopt software practices in their everyday workflow with ease.

“I have worked on several CMMS programs and found Hippo to be the most user-friendly program out there. I am a firm believer in the KISS system. Don’t try to make it over complicated, let it run itself.”

-Daniel Frawley, Facilities Manager, Camelback Ranch Baseball

In addition to our user-friendly facility management software, our simple pricing structure ensures that all users, requesters, managers, and maintenance staff can access their maintenance software tool. Our unlimited user pricing plans, available in our HipPro and HipPro+ licensing packages, make Hippo an affordable and accessible maintenance solution for the entire organization.


See how Hippo CMMS' facility management system and building maintenance software caters to you. We’ve highlighted the most important CMMS features and Hippo dashboards suited to meet your building maintenance management needs.

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  • Preventive Maintenance Capabilities
  • On Demand Work Order Manager
  • Asset and Equipment Management
  • Resource and Vendor Manager
  • Hippo Mobile App
  • Hippo Reports
  • Hippo Advanced Dash
  • Hippo Calendar Dash

Give your maintenance techs the ability to open, close and sort maintenance requests by resource from any web enabled mobile device with the Hippo Mobile App. House, track and report on all equipment and asset information using our asset and equipment management feature and Hippo Reports.


Hippo Advanced Dash is the ideal dashboard for any large complex with numerous assets, equipment, floors or locations. This graphical view displays floor plans and site maps, allowing you to visually organize and manage your building’s assets, easily plot equipment, identify problem locations and generate work orders directly from drawings.


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