Simple Facilities Maintenance Software for Stadiums and Arenas.

Running a sporting arena or stadium is no easy task. Hippo works to keep you organized, enabling you to communicate with staff, schedule maintenance, track activity, manage inventory, and more from anywhere. We offer a variety of dashboard interfaces so whether your venue works best on a calendar interface or a floor plan view, Hippo can be configured to meet your needs. Our unlimited user pricing plans allow you to invite as many staff as necessary to keep your venue running smoothly.

To show how HippoCMMS' facility management system and building maintenance software caters to you, we’ve highlighted below the most important CMMS software features that suit your building maintenance management needs.


Feature Benefits

Our Hippo Mobile App gives you full mobility, allowing you and your team to access your maintenance management software from any web-enabled mobile device. Interactive floor plans make it easy to assign resource-related maintenance tasks or locate work orders in hard to find areas of your facility. All maintenance history and equipment downtime is tracked in Hippo and Hippo Reports make it easy to dig deep into facility data such as work order history or staff and vendor performance.

  • Facilities Management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Vendor and Resource Management
  • Calendar View
  • Maintenance Request Module
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance 
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Interactive Site and Floor Plans
  • Mobile Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Reports

Dashboard Benefits

Our Hippo Advanced Dash is best-suited for large complexes and facilities with numerous assets, equipment, floors and locations. This dashboard features a graphical view and displays your facility's floor plans with interactive icons showing where rooms, hallways and equipment are located. This enables you to visually organize and manage your assets, plot interactive icons, identify problem areas, and generate work orders directly from site drawings. Some of the features of our arena venue management software include:


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