Hotel Maintenance Software 

Responsive and efficient maintenance management is key to guest satisfaction, that’s why Hippo CMMS's hotel maintenance management software is essential in today’s competitive hospitality industry. Hippo provides a robust hotel maintenance software that makes it easy to stay in the loop with all of your facility’s maintenance needs. With our unlimited user pricing plan, you can include staff and vendors in your CMMS software to further increase and improve communication. Hippo is easy-to-use and affordable, making it an accessible and dependable hotel maintenance software solution for your entire organization.

Hippo is full of features that cater to the hospitality industry's needs. We’ve highlighted the most important computerized maintenance management system features and Hippo dashboards suited to meet your hospitality, casino, resort and hotel maintenance management needs.



Hotel maintenance management software features

In order to serve guests with a quality experience, hospitality providers should practice regular preventive maintenance. Hippo’s CMMS software features give you the tools you need to provide timely and consistent maintenance activity to your facilities. Our resource and vendor features aid in workflow planning by enabling you to track and report on work performance, so you can make confident hiring decisions.

Dashboard Benefits

Hippo's Advanced Dash provides a variety of features that makes it ideal for hotels and resorts. In this dashboard, you can conveniently view facility assets, floors, or locations. This intuitive display highlights possible maintenance problem areas and can generate work orders directly from floor plans. Our Hippo Calendar Dash is also a great choice as it allows you to filter work orders by resource and date, so you can easily monitor daily workflows on an individual level.


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Hotel Maintenance Software Reviews

"Hippo CMMS is very extensively used with our Maintenance team at the hotels to log work & the time spent to complete it. It has increased our efficiency tremendously".
Hotel Maintenance Software
Date published: 15/01/2017resort management software review 5 stars
5 / 5 stars
"We have been using hippo for over 3 years across all our hotels and have nothing but good to say about its ease of use, value for money and accessability".
Hotel Maintenance Software
Date published: 20/04/2017hotel maintenance software review 5 stars
5 / 5 stars