Managing Facilities Maintenance Couldn't be Easier with Interactive Site and Floor Plans

Hippo CMMS’s Interactive Site and Floor Plans feature takes maintenance management software to the next level.This awesome feature empowers users to view and drill down into maintenance activities, work orders and equipment data via uploaded floor and site plans, schematics, production line drawings... you name it!

Our Onboarding Specialists work with your facilities and maintenance team to upload plans and plot Hippo's interactive data points to ensure your facility in Hippo is exactly like your real site.




The benefits of Hippo's interactive floor and site plan feature are plenty!

  • View all critical equipment and assets
  • Access all equipment details with one click
  • Get exact location of open work orders
  • Access room and space information
  • Apply filters and search tools to view specific work orders and equpment
  • Pan in and zoom out on plans and maps



Locate and view open preventive maintenance tasks and work orders.





Drill down and access facility's equipment. Get real-time critical data on all facility assets.



Apply filters and pin point the exact location of critical work orders that need immediate attention.




Get instant access to data on specific locations within the facility; open work orders, maintenance history, location details, assets, and images.