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Facility Management Software That's Easy To Use
Hippo's CMMS software combines user-friendly, web based and easy facility management system with top-notch customer support to
deliver a building management solution that's perfect for practically every industry type and size
Sports Complexes
Sports Complexes
Hospitals and Clinics
Hospitals and Clinics
Assisted Living and Retirement Living
Assisted Living and Senior Care
Hotels and Resorts
Hotels, Casinos and Resorts
Churches and Religious Institutions
Municipalities and Parks
Municipalities and Parks
Museums and Non Profit
Restaurants and Retail
Schools and Campuses
Schools and Campuses
Manufacturing Operations
Manufacturing Plants


What Is Facility Management Software? 

         Software Advice helps facility managers to learn about the key aspects of facility management software and it's functionality. Read               what they have to say about facility management software.

         In general, facility management software is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Mange assets and track important equipment information
  • Manage maintenance costs
  • Automate maintenance workflows
  • Create and manage recurring tasks
  • Increase asset efficiency
  • Streamline work order processes (e.g., repair requests, completion tracking)
  • Reduce space and maintenance costs

         The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines facility management as the “practice of coordinating the physical             workplace with the people and work of the organization.” This encompasses a range of activities, from portfolio forecasting to                       equipment maintenance and space planning.

Why facility management software?
Accurately monitor building maintenance and ensure greater uptime of critical equipment and systems
while onsite or in the field when using our mobile device app. Regular use of our automated facility maintenance software offers :



Work order management
Work Order Management
Preventive maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Asset and equipment management
Asset and Equipment Management
Resource and vendor management
Resource and Vendor Management
Hippo Mobile
Mobile Maintenance Management



Extended Equipment Lifespan
Extend Equipment Lifespan
Improved Organization
Standardize Procedures and Processes
Better Time Management
Better Time Management
safety and compliance
Improve Safety and Compliance
Increased Profits
Reduce Maintenance Costs

Hippo CMMS - User Friendly Facility Management Software

Each module in Hippo's maintenance management software works together to provide a robust and seamless system

Simple and Easy Facilities Management

  • View and manage events from calendar
  • Manage requests and work orders - no paper
  • Real time notifications and alerts / Preventive maintenance
  • Powerful reports / Mobile Access / Document management
  • View and manage equipment from floor plans
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Real time asset tracking

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Facility Management Software Highlights
facility management software


  • Track and manage maintenance requests from start to finish
  • Manage work orders and tasks from mobile devices
  • Reduce equipment downtime and repairs
  • Access, monitor, and report on all equipment and asset information
  • Get insightful metrics on facility, equipment, labor and other KPIs

Powerful Features

  • Automate preventive maintenance and scheduled tasks
  • Interactive site and floor plans
  • User friendly dashboards with calendar, task list, KPIs and more
  • Manage parts and materials
  • Vendor, supplier and labor management

Finding the right software can be overwhelming. Online directories such as Software Advice and Capterra helps thousands of facilities managers to choose the right facility management system for their business. Read this Buyer's Guide to Facility Management Software by TechnologyAdvice and gain a better understanding what facility management software can offer and how to narrow your search.

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