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What Is Facility Management Software?

Facility management software, a core feature of CMMS Software, helps organizations manage their on-demand and preventive maintenance programs for buildings and spaces with increased efficiency -- all from a central database accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

The facility management software has all the tools managers need to keep things up and running, including asset management, PM scheduling, and reporting. Manager can keeps all related asset documents, including O&M manuals and work order histories, in one place and available from anywhere. They can schedule maintenance before costly breakdown, and leverage the collected data to quickly and easily see the maintenance big picture. Tracking KPIs reveal where the budget is really going, allowing them to make critical repair or replace decisions based on hard numbers.

In general, facility management software is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Mange assets and track important equipment information
  • Manage maintenance costs
  • Automate maintenance workflows
  • Create and manage recurring maintenance tasks
  • Increase asset efficiency
  • Streamline work order processes (e.g., repair requests, completion tracking)
  • Reduce space and maintenance costs

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines facility management as the “practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of the organization.” This encompasses a range of activities, from workplace management to equipment maintenance and space planning.

According to wikipedia, facility management is defined as the "organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business"

Hippo CMMS was ranked number 1 by Finances Online for Facility Mangement Software for the year 2020. Accoding to them,
"Hippo CMMS is a powerful yet user-friendly maintenance management system. Completely web-based, this multi-awarded software is suited for a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, hospitality, and many more. It is equipped to help facility managers maximize assets, ensure compliance, as well as reduce maintenance costs".

Who uses Facility Management Software?

Hippo's CMMS software combines user-friendly, web based and easy facility management system with top-notch customer support to
deliver a building management solution that's perfect for practically every industry type and size

Sports Complexes

Municipalities and Parks

Hospitals and Clinics

Museums and Non Profit

Assisted Living and Senior Care

Restaurants and Retail

Hotels, Casinos and Resorts

Schools and Campuses

Churches and Religious Institutions

Manufacturing Plants

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The customer service is exceptional, and the system is extremely user friendly.

Stephanie MacIntyre

"Hippo CMMS - The best move our company has made in years!"

Why facility management software?

Accurately monitor building maintenance and ensure greater uptime of critical equipment and systems
while onsite or in the field when using our mobile device app. Regular use of our automated facility maintenance software offers :


Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Asset and Equipment Management

Asset and Equipment Management

Resource and Vendor Management

Resource and Vendor Management

Mobile Maintenance Management

Mobile Maintenance Management


Extend Equipment Lifespan

Extend Equipment Lifespan

Standardize Procedures and Processes

Standardize Procedures and Processes

Better Time Management

Better Time Management

Improve Safety and Compliance

Improve Safety and Compliance

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Hippo CMMS - User Friendly Facility Management Software

Each module in Hippo's maintenance management software works together to provide a robust and seamless system

Hippo CMMS - User Friendly Maintenance Software for Facilities and Plants video

How does Facility Management Software help?

Manage events from calendar

Set it and never forget it. Calendar view shows you the whole schedule in one quick glance.

Manage requests and work orders

Review tickets, generate, delegate data-packed work orders

Get real-time alerts

Up-to-date data keeps you in the loop and on top of tasks

Get powerful reports and mobile access

Get the big picture, from anywhere, at any time

Manage equipment from floor plans

Get parts and people exactly where you need them

Lifetime technical support

Hippo invests in your long-term success

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What are the features in a Facility Management Software?

Facility Management Software Features

Powerful Features

  • Automate preventive maintenance and scheduled tasks
  • Interactive site and floor plans
  • User friendly dashboards with calendar, task list, KPIs and more
  • Manage parts and materials
  • Vendor, supplier and labor management

Finding the right software can be overwhelming. Online directories such as Software Advice and Capterra helps thousands of facilities managers to choose the right facility management software and for their business. Read this Buyer's Guide to Facility Management Software by TechnologyAdvice and gain a better understanding what facility management software can offer and how to narrow your search.

What are the Benefits of Facility Management Software?

Track and manage maintenance requests from start to finish

Review, approve requests, generate, prioritize, and delegate data-packed work orders. Keep on eye on them from open to close out.

Manage work orders and tasks from mobile devices

Cloud-based computing means you’re in the loop and one step ahead in real-time, from anywhere, at any time. No more running back to the office.

Reduce equipment downtime and repairs

Preventive maintenance programs catch and fix little issues before they grow into giant problems. Assets run better and last longer.

Access, monitor, and report on all equipment and asset information

Everything you need to know about an asset, from location to manuals, and from open work orders to complete work histories.

Get insightful metrics on facility, equipment, labor and other KPIs

See the maintenance big picture, and discover where your budget is getting spent. Hard numbers create real accountability.

Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance

No more waiting for things to go wrong. PMs make scheduling labor and parts easier, less stressful. Work gets done when it’s convenient for you and your team.

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