What is Equipment Maintenance Software?

Equipment maintenance software is a feature of CMMS that stores assets and equipment information including ID tags, documents, and photos. Equipment maintenance software enables users to view assets, find maintenance issues, deliver insights, equipment downtime, parts used, and costs.


Hippo CMMS Equipment Maintenance Software

Hippo CMMS equipment maintenance software stores your asset and equipment information including ID tags (make, model, and serial numbers), documents, and photos. Hippo's intuitive dashboards enables users to view assets and find maintenance issues by location, while powerful reporting tools deliver insights into repair history, equipment downtime, parts used, and costs.

Software Advice defines equipment tracking software as "designed to optimize asset performance, ensuring that preventive tasks happens on schedule and that work orders are handled with maximum efficiency."

Asset and Equipment Maintenance Software

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Hippo equipment maintenance tracking software has designed easy-to-use, effective equipment maintenance software that helps companies store, manage, maintain, and report on their assets and equipment. Companies without automated maintenance management software generally record maintenance data manually with a pencil and paper. Companies utilizing a CMMS have traded in the pencil and paper for sophisticated and robust facility management software systems. Current CMMS software is much more than a virtual filing cabinet because they can analyze the stored data by tracking work orders, quickly generating accurate reports, and instantly determining which equipment require preventive maintenance software. These improvements have led to extended equipment lifespans, improved organization, better time management and labor utilization and ultimately, reduced costs and increased profits.

Apart from its comprehensive work order management module, Hippo's equipment maintenance software's primary function is to act as a maintenance database able to house all asset and equipment information in one centralized cloud-based location. This feature makes it possible for maintenance and facility managers to have instant access to asset/equipment locations, images, serial numbers, manuals, documents, manufacturer and supplier contact information, installation and warranty expiration dates, repair history, and upcoming maintenance tasks. Hippo replaces all the old, frustrating methods with one cloud-based digital platform. With the equipment maintenance system, you can associate all machines and equipment information to a single unit or model type. This allows equipment maintenance tracking system users to quickly refer to relevant information.

Important equipment details accessible from work orders

You can attach asset information such as model image, ID tag (i.e., make, model and serial number), and documents to a work order for a specific unit. This is especially helpful for technicians because they can pull up all relevant asset information directly from the work order. All workers can stay informed on the unit while also saving time by eliminating the need to physically search for the same reference materials.

Trusted by Facility Managers and Maintenance Managers

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★★★★★ 5/5

I'm glad I chose hippo

"We love the Advanced Dashboard option. It provides your maintenance team with an interactive screen of your plant's layouts. It's an effective visual tool that is cool to use and simplifies navigating through the system and monitoring the status of the equipment."

Larry Septick | Process Control Engineer at Acme Manufacturing Company

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★★★★★ 5/5

Best bang for the buck CMMS!

“Hippo is not cluttered up with all the little things that 90% of maintenance managers never use that just get in the way. It is very user friendly, has exceptional support, and was easy to migrate to. Work orders are easy to use and completion rate are up.”

Chris F. | Maintenance Manager, Lily Of The Desert via review on Capterra

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★★★★★ 5/5

Hippo is a very powerful tool

“With hippo, you'll be able to keep your maintenance program running smoothly and track your performance with ease. Several metrics are available to measure performance. The ability to add associations between parts and machines, the ability to create several instances”

Luis | Oxygen Development, via review on Software Advice

Equipment Maintenance Software Features

  View and manage all work orders, maintenance requests, preventive maintenance tasks

  View and open documents (manuals, specs, images)

  Take photos and upload from smartphone or tablet

  View and manage parts and equipment

  Scan bar and QR codes

  View facility site and floor plans

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More Equipment Maintenance Software Features

Visual Equipment Mapping with Equipment Maintenance Software

Our Advanced Dashboard allows users to interact with their asset and equipment information directly from their interactive floor plans and drawings. Using visual asset mapping, system users can locate critical pieces of equipment in every section and floor of their facility. By clicking on the plotted asset, users can access the equipment detail screen that outlines the equipment’s entire asset record, from images to ID tags and documents to spare parts usage and inventory levels.

Asset and Equipment Maintenance Software Reporting

Hippo’s equipment maintenance software helps companies monitor equipment performance and then make informed decisions on replacement or continued maintenance for all assets. Users can easily track and reduce equipment downtime using the intuitive downtime module. By tracking downtime for each unit and across the entire facility (including those with multiple sites), facility managers can closely monitor their equipment’s health and longevity. It also provides one part of the entire equipment lifecycle analysis. Maintenance history reports relay crucial asset and equipment information in real-time and can be emailed to members of your team at any frequency or as needed. Equipment maintenance system generated reports display a wide range of information, including the number of demand and scheduled work orders created for each unit as well as the total repair cost on all serviced equipment over a specified time period. With real-time insight into assets and equipment management, Hippo's equipment maintenance software provides facility managers the tools they need to make quick and well informed decisions.

Move away from the pencil and paper approach or cumbersome spreadsheets to Hippo’s smart, easy-to-use equipment and EAM software

Learn about inventory management from Capterra and Software Advice.

Key Module Features:

  • Manage and track all on-demand and scheduled work orders and inspections
  • Easily report on equipment repair history and open upcoming work orders
  • Track maintenance costs
  • Associate critical parts and check inventory levels
  • Quick access to images, O&M manuals, contacts, and warranty info
  • Record meter readings (run-time hours, mileage, etc.)
  • Report equipment downtime and record downtime history
  • Transfer equipment from facility to facility within the enterprise (for companies with multiple sites) and carry over history
  • View and manage equipment from site and floor plan images
  • Auto-route work orders to assigned vendors or resource

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More Work Order Software Features

  • Simple request portal to quickly submit maintenance issues to department
  • Real-time email notifications on request status updates and scheduling
  • Simple work order software form with custom fields; due date, resource, company, priority, work category
  • Automatic push e-mail notifications when orders have been submitted, assigned, updated and closed
  • Various order status and priority settings
  • Easily view and sort work orders by status, type, priority, location, due date and assigned resource from the Standard Dashboard
  • View and manage orders from interactive floor plans from the Advanced Dashboard
  • Search work orders by set criteria then print off individually or in batches
  • Submit and modify work orders remotely with Hippo CMMS’s mobile app.

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Customers have spoken. Compared to other CMMS products, Hippo’s equipment maintenance software rates well above the industry average for Overall Features, Functionality, Ease of Use, Value for Money, and Customer Support.

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*Source: Capterra (Published on October 1, 2019)
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