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Getting set up with Hippo maintenance software is  simple. Our Enhanced Onboarding package is the best option for organizations with large amounts of data that they'd like migrated over into their Hippo database. This includes companies switching from another CMMS, or similar software, those who have access to equipment, assets, inventory or other lists, or users that are preparing data lists and prefer to have Hippo Data Integration Specialists scrub the data and import seamlessly. 






Enhanced Onboarding Includes:

  • Database activation
  • Initial facility set up (facility and location names)
  • Custom user interface design *
  • Import data delivered in Excel or CSV file
  • Scrub, validate and reconfigure data for seamless integration
  • Migrate historical records from previous software if required
  • Upload site and floor plans delivered to Hippo (JPEG or PDF)
  • Unlimited access to Express Training Webinars
  • Unlimited access to training video library and training documents
  • Up to 4 hrs. of web conference training within onboarding period (Custom training on customer required CMMS software features)
  • Consultation on best practices for populating and managing data
  • Estimated onboarding period 30 - 60 days from sign off (depending on the number of facilities)
  • Lifetime technical support

* Custom user interface design and interactive site and floor plans come with Hip Pro + package only

Enhanced Onboarding is best suited for:

Customers who have access to data lists in Excel or CSV files (equipment, assets, parts, PMs, contacts, vendors)

  • Customers who are switching from one CMMS to another and want data migrated
  • Customers who want to ensure that initial data is migrated seamlessly
  • Customers who want to work closely with a Data Integration Specialist and don't want to populate data from the start
  • Larger operations with multiple facilities and a large number of assets 

The process is simple! 

  1. Sign off and subscribe to Hippo
  2. Receive log in credentials and meeting invitation from Onboarding Specialist
  3. Meet with your Onboarding Specialist to setup facilities, locations, and discuss data imports
  4. Start putting your data into Hippo’s import templates (Excel documents)
  5. Review imported data as our team populates your maintenance software database
  6. Schedule your web training with one of our Training Specialists

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