CMMS Software - What's it all about?

An introduction to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and how they help maintenance departments run more smoothly

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What is a CMMS Software?

A CMMS is a software designed to help organizations with maintenance management. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS software) helps an organisation manage its assets, enabling them to reduce critical equipment downtime and cut overall maintenance costs.

A question might pop up in your mind, "Why should i use CMMS Software?". Then again, chances are you already know the old methods don't work. Spreadsheets and paper-and-pen systems waste your time and try your patience. Think of how easy it is for human error to slip into the process. You copy and paste into the wrong cell or misplace a piece of paper. Small mistakes quickly get compounded.

A CMMS software makes your job easier. It helps you:

A CMMS software delivers clear, measurable returns on your investment.

A computerized maintenance management system has always been a good idea, but it's getting even better. Modern CMMS software has moved from on-premises deployments to web-based CMMS solutions. Everything is now done through a computer or mobile device securely connected over the Internet. With the software as a service (SaaS) model, providers secure, patch, and update the software for you. They also host your data, but it always remains your property. It's yours to take with you if you ever change providers. All the cost and worry of maintaining the IT infrastructure has been taken off your shoulders.

Hippo CMMS - User Friendly Maintenance Software
for Facilities and Plants

Hippo CMMS - User Friendly Maintenance Software<br>for Facilities and Plants
Is CMMS Software right for Your Department?

Is CMMS Software right for Your Department?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Unreliable data on maintenance history, costs, and other KPIs
  • Unorganized inventory and asset management
  • Piled-up work orders
  • Unplanned, costly repairs
  • Increased downtime, lowered productivity
  • Incomplete preventive maintenance plans

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What are the standard features for a CMMS software?

Computerized Maintenance Management software packages differ on features, but most good ones (and this is a partial list) help you:

What are the standard features for a CMMS software?
  • Generate, prioritize, close out, and track work orders
  • Manage third-party vendors and suppliers
  • Set and control inventory levels
  • Establish preventative maintenance schedules
  • Allocate labor and resources
  • Schedule inspections
  • Produce reports based on customizable KPIs

All accessible from any Internet-connected smartphone or tablet.


What our customers are saying...

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The customer service is exceptional, and the system is extremely user friendly.

Stephanie MacIntyre

"Hippo CMMS - The best move our company has made in years!"

Learn more about CMMS

Learn more about CMMS

See Hippo CMMS live in action. Schedule a 30 minute demo with one of our specialists today.

What does the cmms cost?

What does it cost?

Hippo CMMS has several pricing options. Choose the one that works best for your company.

Need more info about the CMMS

Need more info?

Have questions about Hippo CMMS or maintenance management software in general? Speak to our solutions experts today!

Why adopt a CMMS now?

Why adopt a CMMS now?

Back in the 1970s when CMMS software was first developed, large manufacturing and processing plants were the only ones using maintenance management software. These on-premises cmms systems were installed and maintained by the companies themselves, and required large upfront investments in IT infrastructure and expensive, specialized training. But as both the cost of computers and the barriers to getting online fell, companies from many different industries, including healthcare, hospitality, education, and non-profit, turned to CMMS software for efficient asset management.

How to choose the right CMMS Software?

Step 1: Create a CMMS project team

Your project team should include at least one person form each department that will use the system. Use this team approach to help you get better picture of the company's needs and to make a better decision.

Step 2: Determine your CMMS feature requirements

To make sure that the solution you choose will be a good fit for your business, create a list of features you are looking for based on your goals and capabilities.

Step 3: Determine your budget

Purchasing a CMMS software system is a huge investment in terms of time, money and resources. There is a wide range of packages offering a variety of features and supports. Pay attention to what vendors are including in their base price.

Step 4: Evaluate your options

The decision to purchase a CMMS is a big one and should not be taken lightly. Make a list of the top 3 CMMS vendors and request a demo to see how the software actually works and is it a good fit for your organization.

Step 5: Consider future needs and expansions

Making the shift to a CMMS is a long-term commitment, looking toward the future in terms of company growth potential and change is important when making your choice in a system.

What's under the hood of CMMS Software?

A CMMS software has two main parts. With a good one, you see and interact with its intuitive, user-friendly interface. Below that is a sophisticated database application that tracks and streamlines every aspect of your company's maintenance operations.

With cloud-based cmms solutions, even though the provider hosts the data offsite, it's accessible through any Internet-connected computer or mobile device from anywhere, at any time. Hosting just means the provider is babysitting your data, making sure it's backed up and protected. But the data always remains your property. It's yours to take back whenever you want.

Hippo's CMMS software combines user-friendly, web based and easy facility management software with top-notch customer support to deliver a building management solution that's perfect for practically every industry type and size.

What are the benefits of CMMS Software?

CMMS software delivers more than just basic tools for facility and equipment management.

Better Decision-Making

Better Decision-Making

To plan for the future, you need to be able to make sense of the past. CMMS Maintenance software quickly generates customizable reports for data-driven planning and scheduling.

Faster Response Time

Faster Response Time

When we say, "Every second counts," we mean, "Every second costs." CMMS systems send out email alerts technicians receive instantly on mobile devices, cutting response times. Everyone is kept in the loop, in real-time.

Better Reporting

Better Reporting

Raw data is useless without a way to arrange it into digestible chunks. CMMS software lets you make sense of nearly every possible combination of data points, letting you step back and see the big picture. You can generate reports with different data sets, including customizable, industry-specific KPIs.

Reduced Downtime

Reduced Downtime

The historical data in your CMMS helps you build a preventative maintenance schedule. And preventing problems before they occur helps you avoid costly unexpected repairs.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Productivity is not just about avoiding downtime. Maintenance management systems help managers track differences between estimated and actual time on wrench. Departments can then make informed decisions when allocating labor and resources.

Improved Inventory Management

Improved Inventory Management

Needing a part you don't have in inventory is bad. But so is carrying one you'll never use. Computerized maintenance management software(CMMS) programs' inventory management tools track parts, with customizable reorder thresholds based on historical usage rates and current lead times."What are the benefits of a CMMS?

Who's already using CMMS software?

In the past, CMMS systems were mainly used by large manufacturers. But now the platforms are being used by a variety of organizations, both public and private, across industries. Healthcare, hospitality, education, non-profit, and any other organization where facility asset management is a high priority.

What's available on the CMMS market?

What's available on the CMMS market?

Back when they required hefty upfront investments in IT infrastructure and licensing fees, only big manufacturing plants filled with expensive assets were likely to see a return on investment with CMMS software. So, providers designed systems that met the specific needs of that industry. But as technology has evolved, it's become possible for organizations of different sizes and from different industries to see a significant ROI with CMMS. Now, providers design systems that are user-friendly and configurable to meet the needs of their widening customer base, some of which can be explored on directories like Capterra, Software Advice, SelectHub, Gartner and FinancesOnline

How does Hippo CMMS compare with the other CMMS solutions?

Hippo understands what really matters when it comes to CMMS success.

Key Features

Hippo CMMS is your one-stop solution for computerized maintenance management software, with modules managing work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory, and third-party vendors.

Quickly and easily approve requests, generate, prioritize, and delegate data-rich work orders, set and track PMs, control inventory, and automate vendor management.

Ease of Use

Features hidden behind a clunky, confusing user interface cost you money but deliver zero value. That’s why we’re always focused on ease-of-use. Features only have value when they’re easy to learn and use.

What’s the point of paying for features you can’t even find, let alone figure out how to use. At Hippo, we always start with user experience and then go from there. And it pays off from start to finish: onboarding and implementation are faster because we’re is easy to learn. Buy-in and adoption rates are higher because we’re easy to use.

Pricing and ROI

Based on user-reported data, Hippo is less expensive than 88% of other products. But price is only one part of the total picture. When asked about return on investment, users ranked us in the 12th percentile. We cost less and deliver more.

Customer Satisfaction

Hippo has strong numbers across different satisfaction metrics. On top of the industry awards, here’s what customers are saying about us: according to Gartner Review Insights, 90% of what customers say about us is positive.

The best relationships are ongoing. Our customers know that we’re there for them. Lifetime support with dedicated in-house Customer Success Specialists. Opportunities for extra training. Plus free updates.

Overall rating

Hippo CMMS consistently rates high for ease of use and customer satisfaction. That’s not surprising. We have an easy-to-use solution and a responsive, dedicated team of customer success professionals.

Capterra Rating: 4.4/5, Software Advice Rating: 4.45/5

Platform Support

Unlike older, more traditional on-premises platforms with their expensive upfront infrastructure and licensing costs, Hippo CMMS is a cloud-based solution offered on a subscription basis. All you need to get started are the computers and mobile devices you already have. Everything is done online, and that means you can access your data from anywhere, at any time.


Once you sign on, we work hard to get you up and running with an onboarding package that meets your specific needs. From start to finish, we’re there with you, helping you build your database and get comfortable with the software.

Business Size

Hippo CMMS works with companies of all sizes, across industries. You’re always the right size to streamline your operations and save money.

We work with companies across industries and of all sizes. With our different pricing packages, we can ensure the right fit.

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