With Unlimited Users and Lifetime Support, Hippo CMMS Pricing Works with Any Budget

Hippo Lite


Single User
$50 / CAD monthly

  • Single User
  • Basic CMMS Features
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Asset / Equipment Management
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Max. 50 Work Orders / month per User
  • Max. 50 Assets  per User

Hip Pro
Starts at


Unlimited Users
$215 / CAD monthly

  • Everything in Hippo Lite, plus
  • Maintenance Request Portal
  • Inventory / Spare Parts Management
  • Hippo Mobile / Bar Code Scanning
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Subscription fee increases with number of facilities
  • 1 facility = single building of 60,000 SF or less
Hip Pro Plus
Starts at


Unlimited Users
$250 / CAD monthly

  • Everything  in Hip Pro, and also
  • API Access
  • Custom Designed User Interface
  • Interactive Site and Floor Plans
  • SSO and Active Directory Integration
  • Subscription fee increases with number of facilities
  • 1 facility = single building of 60,000 SF or less

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Benefits of a CMMS Software

The benefits of a CMMS software go well beyond facility and equipment management.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Improve response time and efficiency with work order management software. All work orders are logged and found with easy to use search and reporting tools.

Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Manage all equipment work orders, preventive maintenance, parts, downtime, and life cycle. Instant access to manuals,  history, images, documents and more.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Increase the life of company assets and reduce costly repairs and unplanned maintenance. Set preventive maintenance tasks by calendar or meter reading.

Hippo Mobile

Hippo Mobile

Access and manage all work orders, maintenance requests and preventive maintenance from any smart phone or tablet. Users can upload images to work orders, read bar codes, access manuals and other documents.

A successful CMMS starts with buy-in from the entire team

No limits on Data or Work Orders with Hippo CMMS pricing 

  • Available Features
  • Customer Onboarding
Standard Features
Hippo Lite
Hip Pro
Hip Pro Plus
  Unlimited Users

There are no restrictions on the number of users you can have. Add as many users as required and set custom permissions based on the user's role in the company.

Single User
  Maintenance Reports

Get real time easy to use analytics on KPIs like time to complete work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory levels, and maintenance history. Reports are displayed graphically and can be exported in CSV, PDF and more.

  Work Order Management

Manage all reactive and unplanned work orders for equipment, locations, and other assets. Track labor, parts and other costs and time to complete work orders.

Max. 50 / month

  Preventive Maintenance

Extend the life of company assets, reduce expensive downtime and repairs. PMs trigger on calendar or meter reading with email alerts for notifications.

  Equipment and Asset Management

Upload and manage all facility and production equipment. Track and report on maintenance history, preventive maintenance, depreciation, repair cost and downtime.

Max. 50 

  Document Management

Upload and store as many documents as needed; Vendor and supplier contracts and SLAs, warranties, O&M manuals, inspections, etc.

  Maintenance Calendar

View and schedule work by click and drag and user filters to drill down

Advanced Features
  Maintenance Request Portal

Set up staff and tenants so that they can channel requests to the maintenance department that can be approved. Move away from paper, emails, and phone calls.

  KPI Dashboard

View key performance indicators important to your operations; work and PMs completed on time, work status and more.

  Inventory and Spare Parts Management

Stay on top of necessary parts frequently used or kept in inventory. Access supplier, parts costs, and inventory level information easily and be notified when an order is needed.

  Bar Code / QR Code Scanning

Access important equipment information with a quick bar code scan. Avoid searching and errors with incorrect associations.

  Hippo Mobile

View and manage all work orders, PMs, equipment and more from smart phones or tablets. Upload images to work orders using cameras.

  Fleet Maintenance

Stay on top of and manage maintenance on vehicles; oil changes, tire rotation, maintenance history and vehicle status.

  Accommodates Multiple Locations

Manage multiple facilities and locations from one database. Get deep insight into performance of each site including facility costs, maintenance requirements, asset condition and more.

Premium Features
  Interactive Site and Floor Plans

Get instant access to facility site and floor plans. Users can drill down to view open work orders and equipment details.

  Custom Designed User Interface

Hippo Onboarding Specialists will custom design company user interface so that it is branded and has a rendering of facilities and locations.

  Active Directory Integration with Single Sign On (SSO)

Simplify managing users and passwords with SSO and Active Directory integration.

  Equipment Transfer between Facilities

Transfer equipment and assets from one facility to another while maintaining history and details.

  Electronic Signature on Work Orders

Enable required e-Signature in order to close out work orders.

  API Integration

Our API documentation will help your IT department integrate Hippo with other systems.

Standard Onboarding

30 day onboarding period

No data to import, get started right away

  • Log in credentials ready within 48 hrs.
  • Unlimited live custom tailored training during onboarding period
  • Consultation on best practices
  • Access to training manuals and videos
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Best for users with no data lists and are comfortable adding items as they go

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Enhanced Onboarding

60 day onboarding period

Import existing data seamlessly

  • Data import (equipment, parts, users, etc.)
  • Custom user interface design (Hip Pro Plus only)
  • Upload site and floor plans (Hip Pro Plus only)
  • Unlimited live custom tailored training during onboarding period
  • Best for users with data lists that can be imported or migrating from a previous CMMS system

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Facility Audit

Approx. 90 day onboarding period. This depends on availability and scheduling.

Turn key set up with onsite facility and equipment audit

  • Full inventory of all major equipment, assets, machinery, etc.
  • Collect images for equipment and assets, and ID tags
  • Upload O&M manuals and specs
  • Set up preventive maintenance program
  • Input all equipment and assets into database
  • Upload facility site and floor plans with equipment locations
  • Best for users wanting their database completely set up from the start and don’t have the time to inventory their facilities
  • Unlimited live custom tailored training during onboarding period

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Pricing FAQs

What does unlimited users entail?

There is no limit on the number of users Hippo subscribers can have (except with Hippo Lite).

Customers can add as many administrators, technicians, maintenance requesters, managers and more.

When setting up your users you can set custom permissions  so that the level of access each user has is suitable for their role.

How is the subscription fee determined?

Hippo subscription fees are determined based on the number of facilities, not users.

Facilities are single building structures or up to 60,000 SF.

Subscription fees increase with the number of facilities.

Customers get more value out of this model and have more flexibility in adding users.

This pricing model is not black and white like a user based approach.

Hippo Solutions Experts will work with you to ensure that the subscription fee is competitive.

What does it cost to get set up and trained?

At Hippo we refer to set up and training as onboarding and we have dedicated Onboarding Specialists for each customer.

Hippo provides its customers with a variety of onboarding services to meet the requirements of our customers.

For customers that require little help and just training, onboarding fees will be less than customers requiring Hippo experts to come on site and set up their database completely.

Onboarding fees are determined based on scope of work and start at $600.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. Hippo subscription fees include technical support, data back ups, and regular software updates. 

If additional services are required after the onboarding period, cost for those services will be scoped out and presented to the customer for approval.

How long are subscriptions for?

Hippo subscriptions are 1 year and invoiced annually. 

Customers can pay monthly by credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. 

Even though monthly payment is accepted subscriptions are for one year.

What are payment options and terms?

Customers can pay by credit card, check, or bank transfer.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. 

Payment due upon receiving invoice.

If I want to cancel, how would I?

Although we at Hippo do our best to keep our customers, some do cancel.

Subscriptions are annual. Customers are notified 30 days prior to their renewal date that renewal is coming. Customers have the opportunity to cancel their subscriptions if needed. 

All data can be extracted from Hippo into CSV or Excel and used to migrate to other systems.

Are there any price increases to subscription fees?

In our pricing  terms and SLA, Hippo reserves the right to increase subscription fees by 5% / year. 

This is in line with COLA and other economic cost indexes. It is advised that customers budget for a 5% subscription fee increase just to be safe and so there are no surprises.

Are there any discounts?

Discounts are available at special times of the year. 

Ask a Solutions Expert about available discounts for end of month, quarter, or year. 

We also extend discounts to some non profits.

Can I customize the package I purchase?

 At Hippo we believe in being flexible. 

With that, we can certainly work with you to customize your package.

Can I upgrade to a different package later?

Absolutely! If you start off with Hip Pro and want to upgrade later to the Hip Pro Plus package, just let us know and we will adjust the subscription. 

None of your data will be lost and the transition is seamless.

What if we hire new staff and we need more training or additional set up services?

If more services are needed after the initial onboarding period, this can be arranged. 

It is common for organizations to expand and include more users and more facilities.

Hippo offers plenty of resources at no charge; videos, webinars, tech support, manuals and guides. 

If customers require additional services, services will be delivered at our billable rate of $150 USD / hr.

What does it cost to have someone come on site for training or consulting?

Hippo experts often come on site to the customer's facility. 

We do this for training, consulting and facility audits (inventory of equipment).

Our standard rate is $1,500 USD per diem plus travel and accomadation expenses.

Rates may vary if the trip requires multiple days.

What currency does Hippo use?

Although Hippo is a Canadian company our pricing is in USD unless otherwise specified.

Approx 80% of our customers are based out of the United States so using a standard currency rate keeps things simple.

Don't worry, we still love maple syrup and hockey.

If we add more facilities does the subscription fee increase?

Subscription fees are based on the number of facilities / buildings. 

If you need to add more facilities to your database, subscription fees will increase. 

Contact us to get a price quote.

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