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Join our team of passionate and driven individuals! If you enjoy working in a fast-paced tech environment, thrive in both an independent and team setting, and want to be part of a fast growing company, then we want to hear from you. Hippo CMMS provides a competitive salary, great health and dental benefits and doesn't skimp on employee perks such as a fitness membership, flexible holiday schedule, and Friday social hours. We're always looking for talented people to join our growing team, so check out the job openings below for application details and job descriptions.


Awesome Culture

At Hippo, our goal is that everyone on the team looks forward to coming to our office everyday. Getting where we are, a recognized leader in the CMMS software space didn’t happen overnight. It required hard work and people who are passionate about what they do. At Hippo we recognize the value that each team member brings and have a culture that encourages teamwork, open communication, learning, creativity and fun. Hippo’s can look forward to summer retreats, escape room, golfing and bowling excursions, Friday social hours, boxing and yoga classes, fitness passes and more.

Growth Opportunities

Our Mission: Hippo strives to be the leader in simple maintenance management software solutions. This is achieved by developing user friendly software and the best support and services to our customers. "Make the Complex, Simple" Our top priority is our customers. With this in mind, we continually find ways to deliver the best maintenance software that is user friendly and meets the requirements of our customers. This endeavor is communicated throughout Hippo CMMS in all departments; onboarding and support, development, sales and marketing, recruitment and management. Hippo’s learn to use cutting edge software applications; Salesforce CRM, Hubspot, Panda Doc, GotoMeeting and the list goes on. We invest in leadership training, workshops, sales and customer success training. We are always looking for talented people to grow and evolve.

Market Leader

Over the past 4 years Hippo’s growth has skyrocketed and is now recognized as a top 10 CMMS contender in a space with more than 300 competitors. We hit 100 customers at the end of 2014, 500 customers in 2016 and aim to close 2018 with well over 1,000 customers. With over 1,000 businesses using our software, Hippo is now recognized as a leader in user friendly maintenance management software. Our customers include Prada, MEC, MTS, Square, Rolls Royce, Sony Centre among many others. Being part of the Hippo team means having the opportunity to work with hundreds of awesome companies!

Current Positions:

Software Developer in Test (SDET)

Hippo is looking for an experienced Software Developer in Test (SDET) to join our development team. Ideally someone who's had experience building responsive websites and native mobile apps. We're looking for someone with hands on experience, understands and applies best practices and standards. The qualified engineer will have experience implementing a testing environment from scratch and will have the opportunity to build out the frameworks.

Software Developer (Web and Mobile)

We're looking for a software developer who knows their way around modern front end web development frameworks. Ideally someone who's had experience building responsive websites and native mobile apps. We're looking for someone with hands on experience, understands and applies best practices and standards, and has experience building a strong foundation.

Customer Support Representative

A Customer Support Representative is an individual that is reliable and has equivalent skills in customer service and technology. You will be responsible for working with clients on a daily basis answering support requests through phone calls, emails, and chat communication. For this reason, you must have excellent written and communication skills. You will need to be able to explain complex subjects in a clear and positive way. You should be an investigative person that enjoys identifying a problem, diagnosing and troubleshooting the issue, documenting the process, and finding a solution or a workaround. This is a full time position, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, but there could be a requirement for weekend shifts in the future. Flexibility, organization, and time management are extremely important for this role. Ability to use new software tools and acceptance of change in general is a must.

Why work at Hippo CMMS?

Hippo CMMS Fun Environment

Fun Environment

Hippo CMMS Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

Hippo CMMS Compensation


Hippo CMMS Teamwork


- I've watched our company grow -

The past 3 years working at Hippo have been amazing. In the time that I have been here I have watched our company grow on so many levels; product, staff, and number of customers. More importantly, I played a role and felt involved in the growth.  It's a great feeling to know that I work for a company that is making a difference and disrupting the market.  Coming to work is not just a job, it is a challenge that is rewarding.


Blake Oman
Sales Development Lead

- allowed me to apply my education-

It has been awesome working at Hippo CMMS. I come from an engineering background. Working at Hippo has allowed me to apply my education and background experience in an environment that is not easy to come across in the engineering field. Hippo is a fun and rewarding work environment.


Natasha Sidhu
Customer Success / Onboarding Specialist

- The best part of working at Hippo are the people -

Working at Hippo has been a life changing experience for me. In a short amount of time, Hippo has allowed me to grow beyond the initial expectations of my role in customer success, to taking on a variety of exciting, challenging, and rewarding tasks that make a difference with the company. The best part of working at Hippo are the people. I am surrounded by a great team of hard workers who are committed to making a major impact in the CMMS industry. The amazing culture and chemistry at Hippo is a big part of why I enjoy coming to work every day.


Earl Mina
Product Specialist / Development Team

Why Hippo CMMS?
User Friendly Hippo CMMS

User Friendly

No need to be tech-savvy to learn Hippo’s simple work order and preventive maintenance software

Unlimited Users Hippo CMMS

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as needed, giving access to all who can benefit from Hippo's work order system

Cost Effective Hippo CMMS

Cost Effective

With unlimited users and flexible pricing plans, this work order and preventive maintenance software is guaranteed to deliver a fast ROI

Hippo CMMS Support

Unbeatable Support

Customer satisfaction is a prime objective. Hippo’s support team is reliable and helpful. Responsiveness and resolving issues are top priority at Hippo CMMS.