Interested in Life as a Hippo?

We're a fast-growing, action-packed tech company. All our hard work has paid off, and we deliver a powerful, intuitive CMMS with passionate customer training and support. We're proud of our success, but always pushing for the next level. Ready to join the team?

Hippo CMMS offers:

  • Supportive management that rewards hard work
  • Opportunities to master industry-leading tech
  • Competitive salary and health insurance packages
  • Generous vacation time with flexible scheduling
  • Awesome company events and Friday social hour

Hippo by the Numbers






Four-Year Team Growth

Industry Leader: Opportunities to Grow

We're a successful tech company. Our customers depend on our intuitive, powerful computerized maintenance management software to keep their facilities up and running. They depend on us, and we deliver. Straightforward, dependable software. Comprehensive onboarding and training. Lifetime support and upgrades.

But success takes more than great software. It takes great people. We start by only hiring go-getters. Then we invest in them with the training and tools they need to excel. Sales and customer success training and workshops. All the latest software, including Salesforce CRM, HubSpot, and Panda Doc.

Company Culture: Opportunities to Connect

Our company culture rewards hard work, teamwork, open communication, personal initiative, and innovation. And we value learning, creativity, and fun. There are lots of chances to be adventurous and try new things. Everything from checking out cool local restaurants to knitting. Yes, knitting. Friday late afternoons, we even host an office social hour. What's the point of coming to work if you don't want to be there?


Current Openings in Winnipeg

No current openings. 

Why join Hippo CMMS?

Exciting Work Environment

Exciting Work Environment

Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

Generous Compensation

Competitive Compensation

Supportive Teamwork

Supportive Teamwork

- I've watched our company grow -

The past 3 years working at Hippo have been amazing. In the time that I have been here I have watched our company grow on so many levels; product, staff, and number of customers. More importantly, I played a role and felt involved in the growth.  It's a great feeling to know that I work for a company that is making a difference and disrupting the market.  Coming to work is not just a job, it is a challenge that is rewarding.


Blake Oman
Software Specialist

- Working at HIppo has allowed me to apply my education -

It has been awesome working at Hippo CMMS. I come from an engineering background. Working at Hippo has allowed me to apply my education and background experience in an environment that is not easy to come across in the engineering field. Hippo is a fun and rewarding work environment.


Natasha Sidhu
Customer Success / Onboarding Specialist

- The best part of working at Hippo is the people -

Working at Hippo has been a life changing experience for me. In a short amount of time, Hippo has allowed me to grow beyond the initial expectations of my role in customer success, to taking on a variety of exciting, challenging, and rewarding tasks that make a difference with the company. The best part of working at Hippo are the people. I am surrounded by a great team of hard workers who are committed to making a major impact in the CMMS industry. The amazing culture and chemistry at Hippo is a big part of why I enjoy coming to work every day.


Earl Mina
Product Specialist / Development Team