Courtesty of our friends at Software Advice, you can now calculate the estimated amount of revenue loss per hour of downtime using this downtime calculator!

Simply click on the zeros on the right side of the tool to enter in your company’s information. (You can also download a version by clicking the download button on the black bar below the tool.)


⇒ Employee costs per hour: The average employee salary divided by number of hours worked, multiplied by the number of employees.

⇒ Average revenue per hour: An estimate of how much revenue your company generates in a given hour.

⇒ Employees affected by downtime: An estimate of the percent of employees who would be unable to work due to shut down machinery.

⇒ Revenue affected by downtime: An estimate of the percent of revenue lost due to machine downtime.

⇒ Number of units produced per hour: An estimate of the number of units produced in one hour.

⇒ Average profit per unit: The amount of profit earned for each unit produced.

⇒ Number of hours of downtime: The number of hours of downtime expected.


Once you've calculated your estimated downtime, read our blog posts on preventive maintenance here and here, or learn more about Hippo's preventive maintenance feature here.