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How to Use Hippo CMMS' Equipment Downtime Module

By Margeaux Girardin | June 07, 2016

Equipment downtime is an important tool for clients in manufacturing or any sector looking to track the availability of their critical equipment. Now available to all Hippo clients, you can easily track the outage duration for each asset. By understanding your equipment's downtime fluctuation, you can better forecast equipment failure and perform preventive maintenance tasks to mitigate breakdowns. As a new addition to Hippo's preventive maintenance system, equipment downtime analysis takes planned maintenance a step further and increases your department's efficiency that much more. 

Read our short post for the steps of using Hippo's new equipment downtime feature.



If a piece of machinery fails, click the "Report Down" button located on the bottom of the asset's equipment details screen.



The system will then ask the user to indicate the date and time of the equipment failure. This triggers the start of the downtime clock.



A user can then submit a work order to fix the breakdown by clicking the "Submit Work Order" button next to downtime.



Once the machine is back up and running based on the demand work order's instructions, the user presses the "Report Up" button on the work order to notify the system that the problem is fixed. This also stops the downtime clock.



Managers can then run maintenance history reports on equipment to view the total number of hours that each piece of equipment was down. 

If you're a current client looking to learn more about equipment downtime, contact our in-house training team by emailing or phone 866-956-2859 x255.


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