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By | December 31, 1969
June 18, 2018

CMMS Program Key Performance Indicators to Monitor

Hippo CMMS

As a business professional, uncovering new opportunities for performance improvements is always something that should be a top priority. But at the same time, these improvements don't reveal themselves based on gut instinct alone. The only way to know how you could be doing...

| By Reuben Yonatan | 0 Comments
June 11, 2018

Select and Compare CMMS Software Options for Your Business

Hippo CMMS

Entering the world of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can be a bit overwhelming. There is no doubt that simply arriving at the decision to move beyond a traditional “pencil and paper” approach to tracking company operations can be challenging. However, now...

| By Daniel Golub | 0 Comments
June 04, 2018

Why Hippo is one of the best CMMS Software options for SMEs

Hippo CMMS

A recent study found that small and medium sized businesses constitute 90% of total employer businesses in the United States and Canada. While every business regardless of size and industry faces their own unique challenges, in recent years, small to medium enterprises (SMEs)...

| By Daniel Golub | 0 Comments
May 28, 2018

Three Easy Steps to Selecting CMMS Software

Hippo CMMS

It’s probably safe to assume that if you’ve found this article, you are more than likely thinking about an alternative to your current maintenance management approach. Fortunately, you are in good company because there is a growing number of businesses of all sizes and across...

| By Reena Sommer | 0 Comments
May 25, 2018

Using Mobile CMMS Software to Improve Hospital Maintenance

Hippo CMMS

Mobile CMMS Software for Hospital Maintenance

Mobile devices represent a technological game changer in the ways people communicate. Cell phones and tablets have changed and shaped how we access and share information. They have redefined how we conduct our personal and...

| By Reid Wrublowsky | 0 Comments
May 24, 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Guide

Hippo CMMS


On May 25, 2018, a new European privacy law, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in the European Union (EU). The GDPR is designed to give EU citizens more control over their data, strengthening their right to access personal data...

| By Daniel Golub | 0 Comments
May 21, 2018

5 Ways CMMS Software Keeps Your Maintenance Work Organized

Hippo CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management Software is an awesome tool that aids maintenance professionals in becoming more organized. CMMS software streamlines maintenance processes, doing everything from simple requests, to work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory management...

| By Kelechi Asagwara | 0 Comments
May 14, 2018

What Does a CMMS Software Cost ?

Hippo CMMS

Making the decision to shift a company’s maintenance management from a spreadsheet to a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) system can be a long and often difficult process. Change can be difficult - even if it is for the better. Concerns typically center on...

| By Reena Sommer | 0 Comments
April 30, 2018

Benefits of a Mobile CMMS Software

Hippo CMMS

Looking back twenty years ago, the most powerful home and office computers boasted having a hefty 64MB of SDRAM and a roomy 8GB hard drive. Wi-Fi access was unheard of and cell phones were just coming onboard in analog format only. Tablets and other portable devices weren’t...

| By Daniel Golub | 0 Comments
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