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Join our family of industry experts and professionals. Partner with Hippo, a leader in the CMMS market and accelerate your revenue growth opportunities through your business channels.

Hippo CMMS’s Affiliate Program


1. Referral Program

As a Hippo referral partner, your job is simple: introduce Hippo CMMS to your network of business contacts who are looking for a maintenance management system. The Hippo team will take it from there and compensate you if your contact decides to implement Hippo CMMS.


2. Valued Reseller Program

Bring Hippo into global markets and open the door to unlimited opportunities. Hippo is recognized as a leader in CMMS throughout the world. However, most of our business development is concentrated in the US and Canada. If you see the opportunity to represent one of the leading CMMS companies in your region, we would love to hear from you and explore a long term partnership.

Andre Glicenstajn - Affiliate Program Manager

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